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7 elements of art

There exist so called "7 elements of art" which help you see like an artist.

It's a simplification since it's known that the "line" for instance, does not exist in nature.


Pen Pictures and how to Draw Them, by Eric Meade (1895), p.4

It is commonly said that Nature has no lines.

And the meaning of this dictum is not always clearly understood.
In the natural world objects, such as the sea, the clouds, the land, and so on, present themselves to our eyes as a number of flat patches or spaces or masses of colour and shade in different strengths. Yet in all this assemblage of natural objects, full as it is of gradation in tone, there is nothing like a real line — the line, that is, which is defined geometrically as the shortest distance between two points.

Even the sensible
horizon out at sea, which is often described and represented
as a line, is in actuality no such thing
; it is merely
the ending of a particular portion of space drawn and spoken
about as a "Line."


However, simplifying what we see in simple, understandable blocks, help us a lot when drawing...

...and when we do research in sciences,or when we try to solve a complicated problem in general.

We like to simplify complexity.


So here the famous simplification of reality:

7 elements of art: LINE1. Line
(vertical, horizontal, wavy, diagonal zig.zag or z-line)
(reading suggestion: Line: 7 Elements of Art )

2. Shape
(organic - natural, fluid, does not easily fit into mathematics; Geometric - mathematical formulae)

3. Texture
(the sense of touch)

4. Value
(How dar or light an object is)

5. Space
(illusion of distance, depth, close-far; )

6. Form
(an object's shape in the 3 dimensions)

7. Color
(you got it,uh?)

Here is phantastic website where you can explore the subject very well.


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