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Adobe Illustrator Tutorials


Adobe Illustrator TRIAL

Visit my new website about Vector Art and Illustrator Tutorials!

I start here to offer Adobe Illustrator Tutorials from my personal experience of drawing and making stencil design and clip art.

Below you can see "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign that I made with Illustrator CS5.

Simple projects like that can be an entertaining way to learn vector art and Illustrator CS5 at the same time.

Why I like the CS5 version? Because it's path-resizing function alone is a major step ahead! (learn more on the CS5 suite improvements here)

mister vector website
This vector art (or clip art) can be downloaded here




Dividing an angle How to draw a circle (three ways) + how to divide it Circle in Circle Two parallel curves



Illustrator works with VECTORS. Yes, like those you studied at school, made of numbers and brackets (position and direction/arrow). Mathematics in short. To represent a line you don't need horsepower, just a few numbers. Curves are represented by tangents, dots by coordinates and so on. easy and fast.

adobe illustrator drawing by Yukio Miyamoto 1986Yes, fast! Mathematics and vectors allow to create "light" files which are easily manipulated, transformed, shortened, enlarged, without loosing in detail and crispiness....unlike with Photoshop which uses Pixels and needs a lot of computer power for...incredible results, much more incredible than with Illustrator.... in average!




Check Yukio Miyamoto website! (he is the author of the world famous image of the Botticelli's Venere above. By the way, the pictures below are NOT photos of bottles and a glass full, but, yes, vector images made in Illustrator!

adobe illustrator tutorials and example with Yukio Miyamoto



Similar to Photoshop, a basic knowledge of how to use the mouse and THREE main keyboard keys (the CONTROL, SHIFT and ALT keys on a Windows computer, Command, SHIFT and OPTION on a MAC) is all what you need to start with.

The right click button is an ever present feature to be used regularly because it shows you the main things you can do with the tool you are using.

pc keyboard with shift, control alt keys

A Wacom tablet is however not to miss when you work with Photoshop. Mine is not a wacom tablet but a cheaper version of an unknown brand (but it's all that I need for my purposes).


Many times, to COPY an object you simply select it, hold the ALT key and move the object and voilà, a copy of the object is created.

Try to find a way to zoom in an out with your mouse. Adjust the setting of your mouse. I have a Logitech mouse with a scroll wheel and I zoom in an out with it. Very handy! CONTROL key + scroll wheel of the mouse also scroll the window left and right, depending on the wheel direction.

You can have selected more than one object by click SHIFT and selecting the objcts you want


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