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Airbrush Flames

fireplace in the outdoorAirbrush flames are the hottest things around. Everybody wants them, on bykes, helmets, cars...

Sometimes I wonder why it is so, and why the skulls, and why in the end these devil, evil, death- related things...

But, yes, fire is at least a primordial imprint in all of us.

We never forget the beauty of looking at the fire when spending a night in the outdoor or while resting peacefully while smoking a cigar or drinking a nice pure malt whiskey in front of a fireplace....

Indeed, fire has a magic attraction.

But perhaps it's better not not enter into a philosophical, abstract conversation which is not the purpose of this page...

Airbrush flames are particularly beautiful when made in the correct way (again, I am not discussing the end-use of such pictures here, eh).

(But think to the artists in the past as well, when they had no photographs and still could make a very realistic fire...by looking at it!)

Antonio Vivarini, 1440-1450

Antonio Vivarini, Das Feuerwunder des Hl. Petrus Martyr vor dem Sultan (St. Peter's miracle of the fire in front of the Sultan), 1440-1450, oil on panel (wikimedia) - detail.
And in Milan there was an exhibition on FIRE IN ART (March-July 2010) - catalogue


Here is a nice video for an introduction on the how-tos.....


The real wording of this technique is called TRUE FIRE and the inventor is reportedly Mike Lavallee who has got the trademark of it (DVD )

There is actually a controversy with another guy out there - which I will not dare to enter into, and mainly about copyrights and quality- , but at least he provides you with free templates for airbrushing...well, true fire (here)

More on this issues soon...!



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