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Art Agents

Since all artists try to make a living from their art, art agents ar a way to help break into notoriety or at least, beginning it.


A Swiss art agent that I spoke with thank to Internet is here: artnet.ch. It exist since 1995 and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The lady owing the business is very "business oriented". Which is an excellent thing! It help us coming down to earth!

She is very selective in deciding what to show and accept (that's definetely a sign of professionalism) and she receives many requests.

The main point is that you have to PAY to be hosted on her website and for the service she provides (website management, public relations, venues...). Which is also VERY professional. The result is that there are only few artists on her website but they get prominence.


FOLIOTWIST.COM - Website which promise to work for you

Almost anyone can “put your art online”
we promise to help people find it.

This is their slogan. Their service does not come cheap either about 500$ per year.

Their Website is here

It sounds expensive but is not. A serious, professional webhosting service charges more or less the same...to start with. But you have a professional team behind it and the physical hardware is probably also near you: you can have a personal contact with the owner, that is.

NOTE: I also use a cheaper webhosting provider for one of my website, but I keep it for experimental reasons.




Well, the best way to sell your work is to speak about it and not just using the web as a business card hoping that somebody finds you.

If you are ready to work on it and can compromise for the annual fee (not as expensive as the first option above and not as cheap as the second one) Site Build It is for you!

I wrote about it in these pages as well.



Brainard Carey

A nice guy, full of witty common sense...accumulated by the experience in successfully selling his own art and get it into the Whitney Museum (the most influential show of contemporary American art.).

Bottom line: make it personal! Deal with collectors, Museum and Galleries as if you were dating them!

You can subscribe to his PAID service which provides you with lots of tips and motivational issues. Worth considering!



Not only for the visual arts but also for Dance, Music, Theathre, Literature and Film

Rolex associate a young artist with an established artist to foster skills and art.

A great initiative!




I can be your "agent"!

Use this website to upload your work,


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