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A journey Into Art Deco Interior Design

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Art deco interior design includes all other categories pertaining art deco: furniture and home objects, graphics and decorations, jewelry and lamps.

Art Deco antiques should be categorized as "vintage" because they are not more than 100 years old. This is the defintion I found and published at www.upon-bamboo-fly-fishing-rods-and-reels.com/antique-vs-vintage.

art deco interior design
Hoover Factory, Western Avenue, Greenford, UB6 8BW, London: 1931-38; by the architects Wallis Gilbert & Partners; source

art deco interior dsignLobby of the Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago, Illinois, Source

What is the difference between the two different styles, Art Nouveau and Art Deco?

By looking at the pictures, something is evident: the lines are straight instead of sinuous.

How this came to be? By researching, I noted down a date: 1906. It is from this year on that French artists and craftsmen,after the great 1900 Universal exhibition in Paris, felt the need to improve furniture making and in general find a new relation between the art and the industry.

France was the centre of ideas and the art, and the Societé des Artistes Décorateurs had been planning a new exhibition of completely "modern art, without any reminescence of the antique styles" and was planned for...1915.

But the first World War broke out (what a tragic illusion and immense stupidity, a war fought with a Napoleonic mentality - armies walking towards each other - with the first weapons of mass distruction - ten of thousands of people killed in day -; and on top of that, the war ended with the Spanish flu, a pandemy which affected a third of the world population killing millions of people . there were kids palying soccer on a Sunday, falling dead on Wednesday...). In short: the new exhibition had be postponed to 2 April 1925 and was named: "Exposition Internationale des Art Décoratifs et Industriels Modern".In short ART DECO as it was later broadly named.

So Art Deco was firstly a French movement and then it became International. We can define Art Deco as the style betwen the two World Wars.

Concerning Art Deco furniture, designers in the USA like Donald Deskey, Gilbert Rohde, Walter Dorwing Teague (with his famous "Streamline" style) experimented with new materials such as cork, formica, aluminium, chromed metal, ebony and brass, while at the same keeping the traditional 18th century techniques of furniture making.



Art deco artists made art deco sofas, art deco armchairs, lamps, objects in short art deco interior design was more a home decoration affair. Highly influenced by the Cubism of Pablo Picasso, but also from other movements: the Tommaso Marinetti Futurism (but read about her wife, too, Benedetta Cappa Marinetti), Fauvism (the explosion of color as the main subject; no more chiaroscuro and gradation; outlines as defining objects), the Russian Ballets directed by Serge Diaghilev and African art and artists (e.g. Josephine Baker)


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