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Art Deco Wall Art - Art Deco Graphics

Art Deco wall art means wallpapers and above all posters to carry advertisement. There were many commercial graphic designers already in 1925 but only a few only two decades before including some famous artists (Henry Toulouse-Lautrec, and I would say Alphonse Mucha in France.

From China, Japan, to Europe to North and South America, these posters and art deco graphics became widespread all over the world.

The style of these art deco graphic design is carachterized by angular clean lines and especially strong vertical ascending drawings, of stylized animals representing elegance, feminility . One cannot forget the spirit of those years - rooting around the turn of the century (positivism, Sciences will discover everything; futurism, 1909, Cubim, etc..): modernity, speed, machinery, rethoric...

Important names include:

FRANCE: Jules Cheret (1836-1932), Frederick Schneider manner (1889-1961), Roger Broders (1883-1953), Adolphe Mouron Cassandre (1901-1968), Charles Loupot (1892-1971), Jean Dupas (1882-1964), Jean Chassaing (1905-1938), Georges Lepape (1887-1971), Robert Bonfils (1886-1971), Paul Colin (1892-1985).
ENGLAND Edward Mcknight Kauffer (1890-1954), Fred Taylor (1875-1963), Austin Cooper (1890-1964), Charles Pears (1873-1958).
BELGIUM Leo Marfurt (1894-1977)
HOLLAND Willem ten Broek (1905 - 1993), Wilhelm Gispen (1890-1981), Franz Ter Gast
GERMANY Ludwig Holwein (1874-1949)
ITALY Marcello Nizzoli (1887-1960), Severo Pozzati "Sepo" (1895-1983)
USA Leslie Regan (1897-1972), Weimer Pursell



Thet market value is set by eBay (there are of course art deco clip art and vector graphics but they don't fit into this page although you may find some in the items below).



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