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Art timeline and a short history of Western Art

Art timeline in Western art.

David by Michelangelo

Sketch Notes

primitive art - objects as they appear.

egyptian art - objects as symbols. e.g. no shades on mummies sarcophagues because the dead would enter the Kingdom of light.No individualism, artist signature unknown. Different mentality. Beauty is not what they saw but what the mind "saw". Similarly in 19th century China they would dislike a realistic portrait of an Emperor or King who had to be seen, flat in front, as a symbol of power and glory.

Greek art - objects as they appear. No individualism, no signature. important is not the artist but the object.

Middle ages - objects as symbols (e.g. animals, green man, etc. for instance the eagle is the only animal who looks into God's eyes, the Pelican with blood is a symbol of the sacrifice of Christ etc...). The spiritual world is more important than the earthly world. (the Name of the Rose mvie and book is blatantly - but awarely - false). Three levels of beauty: body-mind-spirit.Vanity and passions negatively seen.





painter chronology
The great masters

Italian Renaissance Masters
Italian Renaissance


art movements in art history
Art movements (in Italian)

art timeline - modern art
Art theory map (in Italian)

I need to work on the maps and resize them since they are too heavy to upload on the server. But here are all the originals in zip format.


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