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Becoming An Art Dealer

Becoming an art dealer, how to? What education do I need. Any tips?

The beginning: watch this video (new window will open up).

becoming an art dealer


Here in short the important points:

1.Passion and talent will push you forward. But You needs both!

2. Experience, experience, experience! Try getting to work in an Art Gallery.

3. A Master degree (e.g. in History of Art, Librarian Sciences) helps but it's not always necessary. You can learn by yourself, too!

4. Usually it's a full time job.

5. Never thought of becoming a curator or, yes, a collector yourself?

I also found that one of the best way to start looking for art work on a budget is through Craigslist. Look for Estates sales in your local community! Go, visit them.


A good way to get a precise understanding of the art market is to subscribe to Artprice.com, the world leader in art market information and of the art market trends. (see an example here below).

This company is based in France near Lyon and was founded by an insider of the art market (he is the third generation of a art merchant family) who had the idea to share well kept secrets.

It's the largest art database in the world, Google has become a partner, too. All auction catalogues of the last 50 years (starting from 1960) are available for consultation.

In the example below, a price chart for an investment in Francois Boucher, the French Rococo painter, from 1998 to 2010.

art market trends



becoming an art dealer, bookConsider reading this book for beginners:

5 stars

Art Dealer's Field Guide: How to Profit in Art, Buying and Selling Valuable Paintings





"This book gives you all you need to accomplish what you want in the world of art. Priceless information and all of it is practical."

"His check lists, advice, and anecdotes are priceless and I would recommend this book to anyone. "

"I found Ron Davis' book to be very valuable and a great guide for me as an art collector. After reading it, I learned what to look for, where to find the information that will allow me to make a sound business decision before I hand out my hard earned money and buy that painting I love. Art Dealers are very knowledgeable but they won't help you much if you don't know what to ask for. This book will teach you all you need to know. "

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