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Benedetta Cappa Marinetti

Futurims, 1920s...Benedetta Cappa Marinetti.

Being culturally an Italian, I have no problem to focus on Futurism, the important art and cultural movement created by the Italian painter Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in 1909.

But I didn't know anything about his wife Benedetta Cappa Marinetti who was not only as important as other painters and artists, but also the first woman to have her work showed in the Venice Biennale's catalogue in 1930 (she was exhibited there in 1926, 1930,1932, 1934, 1936)

Her importance was also underlined by his more famous husband: "not a follower but an equal".


bendetta cappa marinettiStudy for scenography of her husband's "SINTESI DELL'OCEANO DEL CUORE" DI F. T. MARINETTI. 1927, tempera on masonite


bendetta cappa marinettiRITMI DI ROCCE E MARE Rocks and Sea Rythms, 1929, oil on canvas, 80x125


bendetta cappa marinettiWithout Title, 1929, tempera, 24 x 19 cm


bendetta cappa marinettiWithout Title 1929, watercolor 19,2 x 25,4


benedetta cappa marinetti
“Velocità di motoscafo” (speedboat), 1924, oil on canvas, 70x100cm

She was among the founder of the aeropainting movement ("Aeropittura", 1930).


benedetta cappa marinetti and family"My art, while starting from the real world, is never realist but trying to simplify, invent and get closer to abstraction."


She was also a graphic artist a poet.

"My mother was a sensitive, educated and feminine modern woman. She was she who made Futurism known abroad. She was a manager, too. After the death of my father in 1944 she filed all documents and works, promoted futurism with exhibithions and she was always available for lively accounts of the past...(Ala Marinetti, daughter)


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