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Taking a Look at the Best Web Design Fonts

Inevitably. for a editor and webdesign author like myself, the question arrives: which are the best web design fonts to use, which one shall I use?

When you look around at different websites the thing that strikes you most is the number of words there are to read, but unless you can read the words with clarity then you soon find yourself heading for the back arrow or moving onto another link. Web design fonts are used by site developers to make their personal piece of the web interesting and pass on their message.

But all of the hard work could be wasted if the font chosen proves to be too difficult to read. So what are the best web design fonts to use if you want to make your own site?

The answer to this is that there is no real hard and fast rule just as there is no set standard for the size, but if you remember that not everyone has the same equipment then choosing a font that looks clear and is easy to read will be a good place to start. The fonts that are most used by web designers are Arial, Times New Roman, Helvetica and Georgia. All of these are clear and easy on the eye making them very easily read.

I particularly like the Arial fort: "the bastard child of Helvetica and Grotesque". The more I make websites, the more I tend to come back to it, as it is a very clear, simple font.

best webdesign font Arial


But I tend to use the Verdana font like in this website you are looking at roght now, too.

But there are still pitfalls that a web designer can come up against; one of the biggest reasons of complaint by internet users is that some designers give very little thought to the color combinations that they use in their pages. Whilst the colors may stand out with bright hues being used for the backgrounds if the color of the font is not in sharp contrast then once again difficulty in reading is encountered. One way around this if the subject is of particular interest to you is to highlight the offending text as though you are going to copy it, but in reality you should not have to do this.

Most website designers will use a white background for their pages which is in effect electronic paper; other colors that work well are white or yellow fonts on a black background, these two combinations contrast each other well, you could test out font colors and backgrounds that are compatible with each other by using the same combination in a word processor or paint program how it looks on your screen will give a good indication of how it will look on the web.


The best web design fonts are ones that look good on whatever screen they are viewed upon for example what may look good on a large LCD screen could look fuzzy and unclear on a small CRT monitor likewise there are also differences between makes when comparing a PC to a Mac. Also if the web designer uses a fancy font it may not be installed upon the viewers machine and will be shown as a default text, this will make all the designers work in effect pointless. It is best to keep with a generalized font that can be viewed by the majority of screens.

best webdesign fonts, verdana and others


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