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How to find the bisector of an angle in Adobe Illustrator

Step by step instructions to find the bisector of an angle in Adobe Illustrator ( and in geometry by the way)

In this case, I needed to create a medieval stencil design inside a circle divided in sectors (8 sectors precisely). So the drawings reflects the purpose but the theory is the same: use ANY ONE circle a repeat it 4 times int he appropriate places, that is the circles are built along the lines forming the angle.

Step 1

Draw any circle on both lines at the same distance. Here I made them tangent to the enveloping circle (black origin of circles)

Step 2

Draw TWO other circles with center on the circumferences (green origin of circle)


bisector of an angle in Adobe IllustratorBisector of an agle in Adobe Illustartor: using the same circle and looking at where it intersect.

Again, the same drawing with higlights in Adobe Illustrator

bisector of an angle in Adobe illustrator
A similar drawing to clarify the concept. The bisector can be used also starting in the other direction, the intersection of the lines in the angles.

bisector of an angle classic wayThe classic way to divide an angle.

Alternative ways

Cadtools, a commercial plug-in for precise drawing (about $300)


Screen Protractor, by Iconico ($29.50), producer of other interesting "little but big" softwares such as this transparten tool which allows you to measure angles.



The purpose of my dividing an angle is to build a medieval stencil patter or medieval clip art: a rosette, or rose window pattern ("rosone" in Italian).

divisng a circle in Illustrator for a stencil project of a rosetteThe starting point for the drawing below.

medieval clip art

Click here for the final result webpage. I simply used the only single pattern (with a thick black line) then "copied" and "reflected"/"rotated" the basic pattern a couple of times.




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