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Brazilian Wax

brazilian wax joke

Have a "show me a brazilian wax" wish, lol? check the comic on the left hand side....

This all waxing story, is one the most self-indulgent "body art" treatment women (but also men!) use today.

A sign of our time?

You can try it to do it yourself but probably you'll get tired of razors and itching from hair growth...So what to do?

And it's also not clear weather this way of removing hair is beneficial or not.





If you don't know exactly what is this kind of treatment, the following is a self-explanatory video:

Here are some tips if you really what to give it a try:

DIY tips that I found online in a Italian site

Essentials tools are

  • A calendar
  • Talc powder
  • Exfoliating cream



  • A calendar? Yes! During the cycle, in fact, the building of hair is less and so it's the best moment: thebwaxing will be better and last longer. (In any case, avoid the period JUST before the cycle)

  • A few days before waxing, apply an exfoliating cream. This will render the skin super smooth and prevent the tiny little hair below the main hair to grow (double hair growth)

  • Wash and dry very well and apply talc powder before using the razor/peeling

  • Use ice in towel to lower sensitiviyt of the skin


This is the most seen video on Brazilian wax on youtube (LOL). I noiticed that many also dislike it...So like Tatooing or piercing this is still a frontier between likes and dislikes...

And this is what Facebook (soon or already the biggest "search engine" out there?) offers:


brazilian wax on facebook too

Well, although this kind of "art" is not really "Art", it's nevertheless something worth looking into instead of looking away from it.

A little 'History
Allegedly, this technique was designed in Brazil , and its global spread was due to women of Manhattan . It seems to have been exported to New York more than a few years ago by the legendary Brazilian sisters J Sisters . New York is New York and when something is fashinable there, then immediately spread all over the world.... just one episode of Sex and the City was reprtedly enough to invade the U.S. and Europe. 

We should not also forget that Brazilian waxing was adopted by celevrities too (Madonna, Eva Longoria, etc..) and so the popularity spread even further thanks to their testimonials according to which even sex life was improved. A Myth? Probably, but of course often when you are feeling alright with yourself, you get also more creativity...aren't you?


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