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Chinese Dragon Paintings

chinese dragon - gilded bronzeChinese dragon paintings are known since...nobody knows! Their memory is well into a period which precede any documented written record.

As with other Asian dragons, Chinese dragons have POSITIVE qualities such as power, success, ambition, heroism, divinity, optimism, good luck, and nobility.

Moreover, the Dragon and the color yellow were only permitted to the Emperor.

Superstitious believes are evident.

(left, Tang Dynasty (AD618-906). Excavated 1975, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province.
Shaanxi History Museum )



IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Chinese dragons have four or five claws (while Japanese dragons have three)

There are 9 different variations and menaings of the Chinese dragon:

  • Classic Horned Dragon (horns from stag)
  • Free Spirited homeless dragon
  • Celestial Dragon,
  • Winged dragon
  • Spiritual Dragon
  • Yellow Dragon
  • Coiled Dragon
  • Hidden Power Dragons
  • Four Seasons Dragons



chinese dragonA drawing from a bronze dragon,Chou Dinasty, 5th century BC chinese dragon chou dinasty



chinese dragon painting modern work

Flying Dragonm 32" x 32" with 67 cm x 67cm with silk brocade mat
iBy Artist Chan Da Bei; Source


chinese dragon paintingsThe "Nine Dragon Wall" in BaiHai Park in Beijing.The wall was built in 1756 ans is 21m long, about 15m high.



chinese dragon, 9 dragon wall in BejingAgain, the Nine Dragons Wall in Bejing (from wiki common)

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Source: Chinapage; quintessential.co.uk






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