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Color Palette Generator

color palette generator generate it

You only need to upload an image less than 300K and click the button.That's it!


degraeve color palette generator


Fast and immediate. But you need to locate the URL image which is not so self-intuitive, copy and paste the URL, click the button and see the results





As before, you upload the image and then click the button. It als allow to downlaod ACO files (Adobe Swatches).

patorjik color palette beta


Again you need to locate the URL of the image, and then click. But the result can be then modified with a slider (see here below)

patorjik color palette result page with slider

Tucan -sophisticated palette and schemer tools for a new web experience.



copaso online color palette tools

Copaso - excellent tool and webexperience- Community and forum. Need to register for free and login to use.

(More on color palette geberator soon..)

A break from color palette generator reviews...

Observation, observation, observation...

The Crowns of Colours, which sometimes appear about the Sun and Moon, I have endeavoured to give an Account of; but for want of sufficient Observations leave that Matter to be farther examined.


. For in June 1692, I saw by reflexion in a Vessel of stagnating Water three Halos,
Crowns, or Rings of Colours about the Sun, like three little Rain-bows,
concentrick to his Body. The Colours of the first or innermost Crown
were blue next the Sun, red without, and white in the middle between the
blue and red. Those of the second Crown were purple and blue within, and
pale red without, and green in the middle. And those of the third were
pale blue within, and pale red without; these Crowns enclosed one
another immediately, so that their Colours proceeded in this continual
order from the Sun outward: blue, white, red; purple, blue, green, pale
yellow and red; pale blue, pale red.

The like Crowns appear sometimes about the Moon; for in the beginning of the Year 1664, Febr.19th at night, I saw two such Crowns about her. The Diameter of the first or innermost was about three Degrees, and that of the second about fiveDegrees and an half. Next about the Moon was a Circle of white, and next
about that the inner Crown, which was of a bluish green within next the
white, and of a yellow and red without, and next about these Colours
were blue and green on the inside of the outward Crown, and red on the
outside of it. At the same time there appear'd a Halo about 22 Degrees
35´ distant from the center of the Moon. It was elliptical, and its long
Diameter was perpendicular to the Horizon, verging below farthest from
the Moon.

I am told that the Moon has sometimes three or more
concentrick Crowns of Colours encompassing one another next about her

Grimaldo has inform'd us, that if a beam of the Sun's Light be let into
a dark Room through a very small hole, the Shadows of things in this
Light will be larger than they ought to be if the Rays went on by the
Bodies in straight Lines, and that these Shadows have three parallel
Fringes, Bands or Ranks of colour'd Light adjacent to them. But if the
Hole be enlarged the Fringes grow broad and run into one another, so
that they cannot be distinguish'd. These broad Shadows and Fringes have
been reckon'd by some to proceed from the ordinary refraction of the
Air, but without due examination of the Matter.

...And then the Colours were plainly visible in this Order:
The first or innermost Fringe was
violet and deep blue next the Shadow, and then light blue, green, and
yellow in the middle, and red without. The second Fringe was almost
contiguous to the first, and the third to the second, and both were blue
within, and yellow and red without, but their Colours were very faint,
especially those of the third. The Colours therefore proceeded in this
order from the Shadow; violet, indigo, pale blue, green, yellow, red;
blue, yellow, red; pale blue, pale yellow and red.

Isaac Newton, Optick, 1730 (Project Gutenberg)



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