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My website would not have been possible without many people who generously gave their time and creativity for free...

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The Whashington National Gallery permission (Winslow Homer)


Picasso, photograph
Van Gogh, painting

airbrush, gun, by José Reynaldo da Fonseca

Fire: Antonio Vivarini, Das Feuerwunder des Hl. Petrus Martyr vor dem Sultan

Doriot–Rider Log House Tigard Oregon.JPG, author Aboutmovies

Phographing a model: by Mila Zinkova

Head proportions:

File:Proportions of the head.jpg


Human body proportions:

File:Human body proportions2.jpg


Dog skeleton: Animal anatomical engraving from Handbuch der Anatomie der Tiere für Künstler' - Hermann Dittrich, illustrator.

Dog anatomy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Anatomy_dog.png

Brook trout.http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Brook_trout_1918.jpg

Biennale Venice by Godromil

handcrafted glass paperweight millefiori by author, Tangopaso

Photo of Rick Ayotte plums paperweight. * Photo by Donald Siano

Hybiscus petal cropped: author Nvineeth

Hybiscus flower: Riccardo Scotti from ischia

Plumeria-frangipani: author Maciej Soltynski

Plumeria rubra

Frangipani by Renesis

Frangipani flowers 2 by Xemenendura

Plumeria alba by Johan Spaedtke aka Spade

Plumeria pink by craig.photog

King Protes by :Stan Shebs

Protea laetans by Andrew massyn

Rembrandt, selfportrait at age 34, 1640

The kiss by Gustav Klimt (1862–1918) in Österreichische Galerie, Vienna (oil on canvas, 1907-1908), Kuxu76

Lapis lazul by Kluka

old print of indigo plant cultivation by José Mariano da Conceição Velloso, 1806

Book decoration,by Struthious Bandersnatch

Giotto statue:by Frieda

Michelangelo Portrait by Daniele da Volterra

Medieval women hunting, medieval woman teaching geometry, medieval women playing music:uploaded by User:Leinad-Z

georgia O'Keffe, charcoal on paper 1915

Dürer - Bildnis der Mutter.jpg, and all drawings here: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Albrecht_durer

japanese dragons:

Amphipthere, dragon without legs

Leonardo da Vinci Adoration of the Magi: uploaded by Sailko

Leonardo, the lady with the ermine, source

Chardin paintings: wiki common page

Eugene delacroix selfportrait: source :

William Adolphe Bourguereau, Biblis: by Thebrid; other paintings on wiki common

Jeanne Hebuterne, autoportrait, uploade by Razsr

Sonia Delaunay: Jeune fille endormie, 1907
Photograph by Sharon Mollerus,

Trumpet picture 1 by PJ

trumpet picture 2 by Eusebius

Ki and Rho by User:Dylan Lake

St. Luke, Ox, (window); San Zeno portal detail, Verona; St Hohn and St Matthew Oxford chapel, by Sacred Destinations Holly Hayes

Norman Rockwell's first cover (Boy's Life): source

Norman Rockwell, After the Prom, 1956 by x-ray delta one's photostream


The following pictures have been updated by...(see links)

woman looking a caravaggio: uploaded on September 28, 2009 by www.latente.it

Picasso portrait (B/W): Uploaded on December 3, 2007
by teadrinker

Fireplace, byChristoffer Blomqvist's

Les demoiselles d'avignon; byConxa.roda and Jeremy Chan

Les demoiselles d'avigno detail:niallkennedy

La vie by Picasso: byjmussuto

Pregnant by Picasso:by Happy A

At sea by Picasso (blue Period); by C-Monster

Selfportrait by Picasso; by icopythat

At the lapin agile by Picasso, 1905 (detail); by *clairity*

Saltimbaques by Picasso, 1905, by Metal Chris

Garçon à la pipe by Picasso, 1905, by mdiaz13

Picasso in front of his painting Guernica, by *clairity*

Old Guitarist by Picasso, 1903 by Steve and Sara

Lady with a Fan by Picasso, 1905, oil on canvas, by *clairity*

Woman with pears, , 1909, oil on canvas, by Navin75

La musa by Picasso, 1935by Sebastià Giralt

Picasso painting with light byf-sosa, original photo by Gjon Mili, 1949

Ceramic Person by Picasso, Sean O'Sulliv

Madame x, by Sarget, 1884 byby Aphex Twin

Golden section photo of lady with grid, by ghgr

Nautilus by Snake i

Christmass by Chris_J

Stencil shot by ratterrell (modified)

Stencil on body (arm) by crysb

Airbrushing school momnet,by Cre@tivity

Italian Leather shoes Kay i

All Saints celebration by kikmoyoo

Grandma Moses Photo by kamikazecactus

Grandma Moses Paintings by kamikazecactus

Beatus Manuscript: by wallyg

The first photograph,by alamosbasement

The Sistine chapel by Randy OHC

Red Rose by Libera

Different types of roses: roses by colors

Seraphine de senlis poster online with picknick: by user dalbera Jean-Pierre Dalb

Niki de st. Phalle, Tarot Garden by ianus

India model by Steve Evans

Louise Bourgeois, Mama, the giant spider:by Urra

The Alchimist, by Joseph Wright of Derby, source

Yorck Project, 10'000 Meisterwerke

Lion of San Marco, Venice Italy, by nicholaslaughlin

Norman Rockwell Museum, by yourFAVORITEmartian

For composition in art, the small thumbnail on Ian Roberts website with due linking to http://www.ianroberts.us/videos_masteringComposition.htm

Google images labeled for reuse

Red rose: from http://toomas-marit.hinnosaar.net/en/places/stockholm2004/2004_March,_red_rose.html


The Amazon.com online store pictures with link... for shopping. It was an easy way out to show you these pictures. You are NOT forced to buy uh!

The British Museum
"You can use all of the material and images on our website for approved purposes.

Approved purposes are private or non-commercial uses for education, academic study, scholarship or research by individuals or charities, societies, institutions or trusts existing exclusively for public benefit (but no other purposes).

Albrecht Dürer, The Christian knight in a northern forest, 1515


A cultural website with "Open Content" where I took much content from.


Artarchive.com (public domain - common - pictures)

Web Gallery of Art (Hungary)




I consulte and/or used these books.

A guide to the paintings in the Florentine galleries; the Uffizi, the Pitti, the Accademia; a critical catalogue with quotations from Vasari (1907)

Tolstoy on art (pref. 1924)

Stories Of The Italian Artists From Vasari (1908)

Essay on Art, by A. Clutton-Brock (1919)

How children learn to draw, by Sargent Walter (1916)

Pen Pictures and how to Draw Them, by Eric Meade (1895)

Painters, Sculptors, Architects, Engravers, and Their Works: A Handbook, by Clara Erskine Clement Waters (1881)

Art Nouveau: The pilgrim's progress from this world to that which is to come (1898)

Art Nouveau: Art nouveau pattern book drawn by Alphonse Mucha and others, Creative Commons license: Public Domain (see below)

The flowers I love; a series of twenty-four drawings in colour (1917)

Studies of Plant Life in Canada: Wild Flowers, Flowering Shrubs, and Grasses (1906)

Beautiful wild flowers of America, from original water-color drawings after nature [microform] (1882)

Etchings, engravings and drawings (1893) by Christie, Manson & Woods

Drawings by Tintoretto (1969 by Giuseppe Delogu

Drawings of Rossetti (1910?) by Wood, T. Martin

Drawings of Albrecht Dürer (1906) by Singer, Hans Wolfgang, b. 1867


Ingres, Stamaty family, by Churchh

Ingres selfportrait at age 24,by Gdr


Copyright-Only Dedication* (based on United States law)
or Public Domain Certification

This license is acceptable for Free Cultural Works.

The person or persons who have associated work with this document (the "Dedicator" or "Certifier") hereby either (a) certifies that, to the best of his knowledge, the work of authorship identified is in the public domain of the country from which the work is published, or (b) hereby dedicates whatever copyright the dedicators holds in the work of authorship identified below (the "Work") to the public domain. A certifier, moreover, dedicates any copyright interest he may have in the associated work, and for these purposes, is described as a "dedicator" below.

A certifier has taken reasonable steps to verify the copyright status of this work. Certifier recognizes that his good faith efforts may not shield him from liability if in fact the work certified is not in the public domain.

Dedicator makes this dedication for the benefit of the public at large and to the detriment of the Dedicator's heirs and successors. Dedicator intends this dedication to be an overt act of relinquishment in perpetuity of all present and future rights under copyright law, whether vested or contingent, in the Work. Dedicator understands that such relinquishment of all rights includes the relinquishment of all rights to enforce (by lawsuit or otherwise) those copyrights in the Work.

Dedicator recognizes that, once placed in the public domain, the Work may be freely reproduced, distributed, transmitted, used, modified, built upon, or otherwise exploited by anyone for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, and in any way, including by methods that have not yet been invented or conceived.

Giorgio Vasari "Lives of the artists", English version.

Michelangelo: Michelangelo (1900), Specimen of drawings of ten masters, Windsor Castle, Royal Collection, 1870,, Knackfuss Hermann, Michelangelo (1900)


PROJECT GUTENBERG, gutenberg.org

Rembrandt, all etchings,


MET, New York








La Basilica di Assisi tra restauro e restituzione virtuale
11 April – 26 September 2010.
Assisi, Italy
(In commemoration of the 800 years of the foundation of the Franciscan order)

GIOTTO COM’ERA a cura di Fabio Fernetti
Photography: DomenicoVentura.com

Artprofessor.com, open content art website



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For what I understood, it's legal to show paintings of a museum in a website for educational, personal and free discussion purposes.

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