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Dragon art

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Japanese Dragons

Chinese Dragons


This little trip into dragon art needs a little bit of history and geography.

Dragons belong to our history and legends.

Generally, reptiles and snakes are associated with dragons starting with with the Greeks.

In the Middle Ages, dragons are considered related with the Devil and they throw fire.

Raphael drawing of St. george and the DragonRaphael, saint George and the Dragon - study, 1505

Raphael paintingRaphael, Saint George and the Dragon - 1505

Move the mouse over the painting, please


In Western art they have ususally 4 legs. if they have 2 legs and large wings they are called "Wyvern". here is one:

A wyvern


While the Chinese tradition wnats them as good creatures, our Western tradition see them as bad cratures. The symbol of the Chinese Emperor and famiyl was a dragon! While we have many paintings of St. George killing the dragon.


Amphiptere is a dragon without legs




Lindorm is "...any 'serpent' or monstrous snake, but in Norwegian heraldry, it is also a technical term for a 'seaserpent' (sjøorm), although it may also stand for a 'lindworm' in British heraldry." "..may be winged or wingless, plus quadrapedal, bipedal or limbless. ...in contrast to wyverns that have only hind-quarters (and possible claws on the end of its wings) and in contrast to dragons which have four limbs and may either be winged or wingless." (wiki)

lindworm, a dragon for heraldry




Jessica Peffer is a freelance illustrator who likes dragons and comics.

"My favorite style to work in is a mix of smooth, gradiated shading with harsh highlights and clean linework."


dragon art by jessica peffer


She also wrote three books on the subject:

dragon art book Dragonart Evolution: How to Draw Everything Dragon
dragon art book DragonArt
dragon art book DragonArt Fantasy Characters: How to Draw Fantastic Beings and Incredible Creatures


And in case this is not enough, on her website you can see her working LIVE through her streaming channel!

Dragoart is definetely on the rise!

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