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Elements Of Art

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Welcome to the exploration of elements of art.

A thought from the past...


"What is art?"

Take up any one of our ordinary newspapers, and you will find a part devoted to the theater and music. In almost every number you will find a description of some art exhibition, or of some particular picture,
and you will always find reviews of new works of art that have appeared, of volumes of poems, of short stories, or of novels.




Promptly, and in detail, as soon as it has occurred, an
account is published of how such and such an actress
or actor played this or that rdle in such and such a drama,
comedy, or opera ; and of the merits of the performance,
as well as of the contents of the new drama, comedy, or
opera, with its defects and merits. With as much care
and detail, or even more, we are told how such and such
an artist has sung a certain piece, or has played it on the
piano or violin, and what were the merits and defects of
the piece and of the performance
. In every large town
there is sure to be at least one, if not more than one,
exhibition of new pictures, the merits and defects of
which are discussed in the utmost detail by critics and



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