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Famous forgotten artists

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Pompeo Batoni

Jean-Baptiste Siméon Chardin

William Adolphe Bouguereau

Jean-Léon Géròme

Emil Munier

Francois Boucher

I felt I needed to have a kind of "best forgotten artists" webpage to re-address an unjustice that I regularly see.

It turned out that I mainly concentrated on French and Italian culture.

Browse through the links and explore great artists of the past, gone forgotten but finding a new "life" in today art market.

batoni, allegoria delle arti


I recently saw a contemporary exhibition of paintings done by a non-professional-painter (but an excellent aestetics philosopher and influential personalitiy, read his wiki biography here; oh, by the way, he is 100 years old - and young in both spirit and yes, movements. Quite athletic for his age!)): Gillo Dorfles. Dorfles admits he's NOT a painter and that he doesn't know if his work is art (and he is very honest for that).

gillo dorfles painting
Gillo Dorfles, 1949.

The point is that he had a personal exhibition even at the Palazzo Reale in Milan (where currently, October 2010, an exhibition of Dali's painting is taking place!). A gross unjustice in my opinion...

So, I don't know why some artists have access to notoriety and other, better skilled, artistically and technically prepared have their art turned down. It must have to do with people.

Art is business and marketing and so the people you know count probably more than what you are...? Has it been always like that?

In any case, what Gillo Dorfles has been doing all his life, as he also puts it, are "scarabocchi" (scribbles). Incidentally, this comes over and over again and some has also given it a name which ought to have something to do with meditation and zen...zentangle.com and scarabocchi-zen for example

Scarabocchi zen..an Italian blog




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