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Free Christmas Stencils


Free Christmas Stencils-drawings.

christmas photoPhoto by Trey Ratcliff, stuckincustoms.com

Step by step Christmas tree

christmas tree step 1

christmas tree step 2
Step 2

christmas tree step 3
Step 3


Another way...

I saw some of the stencils availabe on the net which are highly accurate and very well made.

You say, "Wow! that's exactly the stencil I was looking for!" a

For instance a decorated text written "Merry Christmas" (maybe also with bells and angels). Perfect!

merry christmas example
More Google search images here...

But it's only when you actually print the picture on a paper that you realize that the actual cutting of the text and drawings is too difficult and too complex. Chances are that you finish with a mess and you can say bye-bye to your stencil.

Instead, here is way to actually making stencils in a very simple. You only nee to cut once:


This is a quite rooted craft in Europe (e.g. Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Germany) and in the US as well for the migration of people from those countries (one of them is for instance Catherine Winkler now living in Houston, Texas).

The craft is called "Scherenschnitten" in German, and in English you have it as "paper cutting" or paper cutout, which is a little different from Silhouette Clip Art.

Anyhow, paper cutting can be used for making stencils as well. And symmetry will help us to cut, well, ...time.


  1. It's very simple. Take a piece of paper.
  2. Fold it in the middle
  3. Draw a semicircle centered on the middle line
  4. Draw any silhouette that you like
  5. You cut the shape out!
  6. That's it!

Here again and you can use my template here.


free christmass stencil 1


You cut out the parts highlighted in blue

free christmass stencil step 2



stencil for christmass result after cutting it out



You can invent more symmetric shapes, for instance, a (Christmas) tree!

free christmas stencil 3

You can use my standard template here.

...or just be as creative as you like and create not only stencils but cut-outs like these...

scherenschnitt folded scherenschnitt opened out

Norman Rockwell Christmas Book...for inspirations

More Free Christmas Stencils


free angel stencil 1 angel silhouette

angel as free christmas stencil

Bells (silhouettes)


free christmas stencil bell vector

Here a bell in vector format (zip file)


Stars (symmetric)




...and another star:

shiny star
Just cut out the white areas...or simply try to follow. The effect will be still ok. Another way to use the picture in Photoshop is to copy it on a separate layer with the type set to SCREEN,OVERLAY or else (try it!) have a picture on another layer and voilà, you have a shiny star in the picture! Here is an example

winter painting for xmasThe original painting...(my quick sketch)

winter painting 2...and the same picture with the flare layer set on OVERLAY mode, and another layer of the original image set on MULTIPLY (darker image).



Christmas stencils to cut from a jpeg pictures

These are vector drawings that I made with Adobe Illustrator and then edited to become a cut out. You can modify the size by modifying the dimensions in your printing software (see the picture below how to do it).

resizing printing explained


The stencil will result better by using both scissors and an X-ACTO Knife.

Donwload the picture by simply right-clicking on the image and choose "save as" and then click ok.

Christmas Balls (576 x 342 pixels)

free christmas stencils free chrsitmas balls to cut out




Christmas Candle Stencil

I took inspiration from a book on wooden Christmas stencils with a scroll-saw (examples here: 300 Christian and Inspirational Designs for Scroll Saw Woodworking: 150 Easy to Make Gift, Fretwork, and Jewelry Projects , Scroll Saw Christmas Ornaments: Over 200 Patterns ).

I redrew everything (you can see the imperfections :-) ) and made a vector file which you can download here.

Feel free to change the drawing.


Christmas Candle Stencil




Do you want to know how to make a 5 points star by folding and cutting a square paper? (This is actually an exercise for school children learning geometry...in German)


To make a square from any rectangular paper (e.g. a newspaper), simply fold the any of the top corner and fold it down to meet the edge or border) of the paper. Cut away what is left at the bottom.


Simple Snowflake stencil to cut out? Here





Dover Fun With Christmas Stencils  Fun With Christmas Stencils

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