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Free Dog Pictures

Free dog pictures for your art projects.

free dog picture from the microsoft office website


Google search for dog photos labeled for reuse.

But please check all requirements because as Google states for each photo..."This image may be subject to copyright"




Again check each picture individually, but here it's safer...



Here is a must to individually control each single photos for copyright rules although it's the "common" licence landing page.





FRENCH: chien


SPANISH: perro

PORTUGUESE: cão , cachorro


Trilussa (an Italian dialect poet, 1871 -1950)


C’era ‘na vorta un Cane, in mezzo a un vicolo,
che abbajava a la Luna. Passò un Gatto.
Lasciala perde! - disse. - Che t’ha fatto?
Perché te guarda? Quanto sei ridicolo!
La luna guarda tutti, ma nun bada
a quelli che s’ammazzeno pe’ strada.

E pe’ questo ce sformo! - disse er Cane. -
In mezzo a tante infamie e a tanti guai,
ecchela lì! Nun s’è cambiata mai
e rimane impassibbile, rimane…
Me piacerebbe ch’aggricciasse er naso,
che stralunasse l’occhi…Nun c’è caso!

Perché ’ste cose qui l’ha viste spesso:
rispose er Gatto - er monno è sempre quello.
Quanno Caino sbudellò er fratello
la Luna rise tale e quale adesso:
ha riso sempre e riderà perfino
se un giorno Abele scannerà Caino…

Trilussa writes in romaesque, the slang and accent used in Rome, Italy.

A cat stops by a dog barking at the moon.They point out its impassibility by making personal remarks, The dog "...amidst all unjustices and problems, there it is, always the same. I would like that sometimes the moon would make grimaces and faces...", The cat replies "that's because it saw these things many times over. The world doesn't changes..."



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