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From digital art to print

This is a message I sent to Joan, an excellent home-based watercolor digital artist


Hi Joan!

in my (very humble) opinion, if you want to professionally print your art-work you should first calibrate your monitor so that the colours that you see are the colours of the file to be printed. You can use tools like Spyder3 pro or X-Rite Eye-One). (That's the minimum, I don't even dare to consider buying professional screens - 4000$ and more)

Then, I would not rely on a home printer but a printing service making glicee print. You can send them your file as TIF or PSD format and it must be a large file (I presume 20MB or 50MB)

I found the following information helpful on a glicee printing service randomly looking with Google (mauigiclee.com)

From Digital Art to Print

"Digital File Printing Guidelines: The following guidelines will help you to maximize the results that can be achieved when creating a giclée graphic from a digital file.

Make sure that the file you send is at least 300 PPI (pixels per inch) at the final print image size desired. Avoid taking a low resolution file and "Resampling" it much large using Photoshop. This will usually leave signs of pixelation.

For Example: If you wish to have a final giclee print image size of 24" x 30" on paper or canvas, then your file, when viewed in Photoshop, should have a native (not resampled significantly) image size of 24" x 30" with a PPI at that size of at least 300.

Acceptable file formats are: PSD (Photoshop) & TIF - these are the best formats to use when possible. JGP, GIF & BMP Can be used but usually are not the best quality possible. Contact us to review disc or file delivery.

Since different computers, scanners, cameras, and printers have very different characteristics, color proofing the giclée print based only on your file is problematic. For us to properly color correct the giclée proof so that it closely matches your original and or expectations, you need to send us a proof that you want us to match, or have us output a proof which you can review and approve at Maui Giclée or one that we send to you.

So it's complicated but I think the learning curve it's worth exploring (part of being professional). I think that in the end the whole process is not too difficult but perhaps costly...

The alternative would be perhaps to buy a high-end EPSON printer to be used at home (maybe 800$)?



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