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Hair Color - Treat Yourself to That Hollywood Look

hair color, not only a modern idea at all...Over the years, many girls and women strive to look like one of their role models in life; one way that they achieve this is by using hair color (dye) to match the color of their favorite person’s hair. Whether it is a pop star, supermodel or a Hollywood superstar, girls and women love to emulate their styles and colors.

Dyes are fashion statements, and many women use them to give themselves a complete makeover if they are in need of a change.

And with so many different color variations to choose from, the female of the species is spoilt for choice.

hair color, dye, African cultureHair colour has been a part of society and different cultures almost since time began, with men and women using the traditional pigment coloring of natural henna to give a deep mahogany red to their hair. Over time, different hair dying treatments have been developed that now give every girl or woman a large choice, with temporary, semi permanent or permanent hair dyes available for purchase. The effect that is created when using one of these products can give a person a feeling of glamour and in some cases, Hollywood stardom.

Temporary hair color products are used more by the younger generation to create a shock effect; having a punk style haircut and a vivid blue, green, orange or purple creates a look that makes the teenager feel like a part of the ‘in’ crowd, and horrifies their parents in the process. Fortunately though, temporary coloring is easily removed with one wash of the hair; semi permanent hair dyes work by altering the hair pigment with the chosen color, these are ideal for special occasions because after the initial application has been completed, the hair looks its best and then gradually fades when the person washes their hair as a part of their normal routine.

For those that want to change their hair color completely, the permanent hair dye is the option they will select. This dye replaces the natural color of the hair and cannot be washed out; peroxide will bleach the hair in the first stage and the dye then implants itself into the hair to replace the natural pigment. These dyes, if not used correctly, could damage the hair by making it dry and brittle, so it is essential not only to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines implicitly, but also to apply a good quality conditioner after each shampoo.

Hair dyes for women can, when used for specific purposes, make them feel like a million dollars, and give a much needed boost to their confidence. So whether it is blonde, brunette, fiery reds or sumptuous blacks that take your fancy, when looking at the products that are available on the market, there is sure to be a color there that can give any person that dazzling Hollywood effect. If there is any doubt as to the effectiveness of the chosen hair dye then advice should be sought from professional hair coloring experts

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