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Happy ending artist stories to think about

October 2010

Ok, this one I really had to write it down. I don't have the details anymore but I recall it perfectly.

So the story goes that one beautiful American model stopped doing the model and created her own fashion company which is now selling items like donuts. The correct expression was "making billions" (you read it right).

Well, nice story, but there is something strange in it, isn't it?

venice carnival maskBy reading the rest of the story you gather that the model is actually married with a top manager or owner in the fashion/retail industry.

Now the story is complete. The model's sincere wish to design her own clothes is USED by the husband's company by using her name and visibility (she was popular and appearing on glossy magazines) .Not knowing any more details I don't enter the actual design skills of the model.

A typical example of "lies" or "distortions of reality" in the media.

The bottom line is that WHO YOU ARE and WHOM YOU KNOW is of paramaount importance.

if you are an unkwnown, unconnected and maybe an even older chap, well, the "succesful story" will be harder to write, won't it?




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