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Health Insurance

Healthy food and healthy life, this is the best health-insurance that I know of.

...and taking care for yourself...

healthy diet and life mean health insurance

bodybuilding as diy health-insuranceHEALTH INSURANCE NUMBER 1 TIP
This is the best way to start! Set yourself a target such as getting biceps and muscles!


burn the fat as diy health insuranceBURN THE FAT IF YOU NEED...BUT REMEMBER THAT A LITTLE FAT IS OK, TOO!
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eat well is the best health insurance tip even when on a dietEat well, even if you are on a diet!
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health insurance diy hemorroidsDON'T LAUGH. THIS IS MORE COMMON THAN YOU THINK
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"one for all and all for one", this is the three musketiers motto and this is what is all about: the cost is spread over as many people as possible.

In theory.

While in Switzerland I am obliged to have and pay for one, for other states, it is left to the individuals.


The result is that IT is the number one cause of debt in the USA.

...and for us in the old continent (I am not talking about Italy where Health care is for free, but who cares to dump the bill in an ever increasing black hole of NAtional debt?), for families like us it comes to pay a for second home rent.


Because the motto above is for an average population. It was ok when the elderly where not so many (in the last 2 years of your life you are going to cost about 80% of all your life health expenses) but the one of the major problems we have now in Europe (not so in the USA where your main problem is probably a generalized drop of quality of life and health related issues - number one is diabetes), in Europe I was saying, the problem is the AGEING of the population. There are more people dying than new borns (...Italy was the first ever country in modern History to have a 0% growth a few years back; today is a little over 0%, like 0.5% but only because of the immigrant population with 4.5 children per family and more.

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No matter what awe think of, this insurance is something we must all come to terms. So we'd better think about it.





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