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How to become a digital artist

While reading about digital art and images, and looking into digital inking and such terms, the question arises after a while on how to become a digital artist.....

There are quite many schools and places where you can learn the skills and technique, but in the end it boils down to where is the best area where I can practice it later on, where I can a land a job? And one of the places now fashionable I learned about is Vancouver.

I think it doesn't matter so much where you study, provided you have that natural talent which puts you at the top of competition (quite fierce in this field, by the way).

How to become a digital artist, which school?

Vancouver itself has a school dedicated to the digital and animation artistry: check it here. And for those who don't know it, there are over 100 companies specialized in the video game industry, one for all EA Games which opened an office in 1991. Pixar has got an office there, too!
In Vancouver there is also the Vancouver Film School from where this picture is taken.

A few websites I like to recall also, are the Concept Art site and the imagineFX.com site which give you plenty of material to look inro. For instance, in the top 10 digital art schools list, we can look at the Rhodes Island Schoolf of Design where I think Winslow Homer himself had lessons...

Art is a fascinating subject with many different ways to express your creativity; now that computers have become far more powerful people are beginning to look for ways of how to become a digital artist.

There are many styles of digital artistry and with the software that can now be found, producing images or manipulating photographs has become not just a profession but is also a good hobby for those who just derive pure pleasure in creating something that can look absolutely stunning. The software that is available can manipulate photographs with just few clicks of the mouse.

Other opportunities...

When looking for ways of how to become a digital artist there are a number of options to choose from and it is even possible to make a full time career using the skill that you have mastered. Digital artists can become designers for fashion houses, create logos and letter headings or even a whole corporate branding, manipulate images for press releases, create characters for software houses, and work on animation for film and television companies. There are many employers who are always looking for new and upcoming talent to create artwork for their latest project.

It is possible to enroll on courses and graduate with a qualification when you want to learn how to become a digital artist and your chances of getting into your chosen field of work will be greatly enhanced. However it is always better for you first to research your chosen field of digital wizardry so you know what is expected when you start the journey, as with all things though it is practice that makes perfect and it is essential to continually keep honing your skills, this could be done by using images from the internet that are freely available or if you are brave enough creating your own small animation series to entertain members of your family.

To become a good artist takes an infinite amount of patience and it must be remembered that not all aspects of working with digital art will be exciting and creative. Sometimes you may be working on animation projects that require pixel by pixel alteration to give a smooth transition when the whole sequence is viewed as a whole. Animation has come a long way since the early days of Disney and now it is possible to give characters an almost three dimensional lifelike effect.

All of the top magazines now employ digital artists to enhance the images that go onto their glossy pages although this practice is becoming frowned upon a little now, one of their primary roles was to use a digital airbrush to disguise the blemishes or wrinkles of top celebrities or models making them appear perfect. What makes this form of art so interesting now is the huge variety of brushes and colors that can be used to create stunning effects so if you have a skill and want to know how to become a digital artist then practice research and qualify then you could be on the way.

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Credits: foto from the vancouver film school


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