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How to draw a cat step by step 2

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learn the proportions of the cat family

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Try it "within yourself" first!



how to draw a cat reference photos

Ok, now you learned about the proportions of a cat but it's not yet a cat.

You should now start looking more at a real cat...

Why then don't you start trying with some reference photos?

I provide you with a PDF file to get started!

The pictures are taken from wiki common and you can have more cat pictures for you art projects in my free cat pictures webpage.

I know, it's a photo. But I don't have a cat at home anymore and so I have to look for a solution


By the way, I think there are three ways to make a drawing. In increasing order of difficulty and...consequences for your mind these are the following ones:

The first one is to simply copy a photo or a drawing itself on a paper or canvas by various means. The picture is nearly perfect, shades and tones can be traced perfectly even as tiny spots. The final drawing will at best look like...the same photo or just a photo...if this is want to achieve. Sometimes, for time reasons, artists must do that.

The second one is to actually copy with free hand from a reference photo. I think many artists do that for different reasons. This is not necesserely a bad thing and it's even a must if the flower you want to draw will soon die, the animal will disappear and/or you don't have time and material ways to be in front of the subject. I think you get to enjoy your drawing also a lot, provided (in my opinion) you don't want to mimic the physical infinitesimal details within a picture (you don't want to draw each individual hair in a fur, or each individual leave in a tree right, nor all the tiny shades, right?) but take and modify what you see.

The third and by far only true way to learn to draw is doing it from life. No tricks or tools. Just you, the pen, the paper and the subject. You can fly high within yourself only in this way. You get a unique relation with the things around you and in not infrequent moments you loose the notion of time and of your "self". And of course this is the most difficult road to follow with many many falls. But if you get there, the satisfactions are the highest.


I repeat now some guidelines in drawing a cat:

A cat, unlike a dog, has the same propoportions in all family groups. A cat and a lion or a tiger have the same proportions.A house cat is a lion or tiger in miniature. Dogs, instead vary greatly.

However, there a DIFFERENCES. A cat has split pupils, while a lion, a tiger have round pupils.

Moreover, a cat's eyes are larger (in relation to the whole face) than a lion's or a tiger's eyes. (And they look cuter the larger the eyes are...use this trick. See the picture below)

Finally, a house cat's ears are at their base as large as their eye width. Not so for bigger cats.


Burns, Ron
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Again, before using pen and paper, here is a quick vector image of the face step by step. I like to use vector images because I must simplify things

how to draw a cat step by step, face, 1
Step 1. The space between the eyes is 1 and 1/2 eye width . The end of the mouth is aligned wiith the internal corners of both eyes. The nose is small, a triangle shape and the distance of the nose from the eye can vary, try on your own.


how to draw a cat step by step, face, 2
Step 2. Adding the "face". Rougly one large oval for the face, one smaller oval for the muzzle. The eyes upper part are aligned with the MIDDLE of the face. The ears (LARGER THAN THE EYES) "reach" the upper eyes. The picture is far from perfect and needs to be corrected. However it can also be used "as is" and so perhaps giving a personal "touch" to the drawing....(I personally like "unperfect" drawings also as final result. They are more personal and less photographs-like)


how to draw a cat step by step, face, 3
Step 3. You can start playing with what you have or improve your drawing... here I just added some coloring.

As you might have read, cats are difficult to draw because fat when resting and thin when moving.




A great illustrator and teacher, Richard Anderson

idrawgilrs (free tutorials)

idrawgirls blog, recommend

how to draw a lion head step by step

final result of lions head



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