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How to draw a cat

silvester cat

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Step by Step Tutorial 1
learn the proportions of the cat family

Step by Step Tutorial 2
Use these reference photos to practice on

Ok, to learn how to draw a cat you need to know....

Wait! Why do you really need to know how to draw a cat right in the beginning? Don't you realize that you have already YOUR OWN way to draw it?

Picasso once said that it took him so long to draw like a child.

So don't ruin this very special moment and have a go on your own.

Look a cat or imagine it and then draw it. It might be not realistic but it is YOUR cat!



Do you want to show us your cat? Submit your work then!

Try at first to draw your own cat. You might come up with something like this...

vector cat
Vector graphic of a cat made with Adobe Illustrator...

..or this

my own cat



....and then maybe start studying the features in a cat by following the tutorials and links provided below.

For instance, to draw a very realistic, photo-like cat you can study Carol Rosinski's tutorial here below. I put it as the first tutorial because it's the best around.

But firstly, have a look at these cats made by artists (I am using allposter.com for copyright issues, for instance the Silvester cat above is properly linked to website where it belongs to, and I hope this is enough; with allposters.com the problem doesn't exist...):


The Cat
The Cat Art Print
Picasso, Pablo
Buy at AllPosters.com

25 Cats Named Sam and One Blue Pussy by Andy Warhol, c.1954 (Blue Sam)
25 Cats Named Sam and One Blue Pussy by Andy Warhol, c.1954 (Blue Sam) Art Print
Warhol, Andy
Buy at AllPosters.com

Gold Sam, c.1954
Gold Sam, c.1954 Art Print
Warhol, Andy
Buy at AllPosters.com

Chinese Cat I
Chinese Cat I Art Print
Yan, Cheng
Buy at AllPosters.com

East Art Print
Buy at AllPosters.com


Smart Cat
Smart Cat Art Print
Chen, Hu
Buy at AllPosters.com

White Cat on Cushion
White Cat on Cushion Giclee Print
Pitt, Gale
Buy at AllPosters.com


Also, have a look at works by Matisse, Rousseau, Van Gogh, Miro, Modigliani, Chagall, David Hockney. Use for instance the google images search....

And now you can explore the realistic way of drawing a cat...


how to draw a cat, in this case "buddy" by Carol Rosinski

Carol Rosinski is a professional illustrator and artist and art teacher who wrote a wonderful book with title and sub-title which convey very well what kind of rare teacher she is:

Drawing Made Easy: Getting Started: Discover your "inner artist" as you explore the basic theories and techniques of pencil drawing

5 stars ratings

"Don't be misled by this book's small size! Carol Rosinski is a knowledgeable, gentle authority who will take you by the hand and talk to you while you "get started" learning to draw...

Rosinski goes beyond simple demonstration to explain the reasons and feelings that make each element essential to a good drawing. She never wants you to accept what she says as true just because she says it: she wants you to experience for yourself the point she is discussing.

With such an able guide at hand, you'll have no trouble "getting started" on a drawing project! This book is a "must have."

Click here for the tutorial!



how to draw a cat or a lion is the same


A few things about drawing cats.

A cat, unlike a dog, has the same propoportions in all family groups. A cat and a lion or a tiger have the same proportions.A house cat is a lion or tiger in miniature. Dogs, instead vary greatly.

However, there a differences. A cat has split pupils, while a lion, a tiger have round pupils.

Moreover, a cat's eyes are larger in the face than a lion's or a tiger's eyes.

Finally, a house cat's ears are at their base as large as their eye width. Not so for bigger cats.


Here is a step by step tutorial

How to draw a cat is basically an exercise on how to draw fur. For nthis reason I strongly suggest you nthe DVD here below.



An excellent, really excellent tutorial is this DVD by David N. Kitler.

David is really a nice teacher and gives you also lots of tips to start drawing and gradually improving to confidence. A real jewel where you can also learn how to draw fur, tricks for texture, perspective. A great introduction to the basic of art: drawing with a pencil..

Customer Reviews


5stars"...one of the best drawing DVD's I own" by Gary, USA


5stars "..is really amazing and helpful. In a couple of days I have changed my way of drawing animals!!! " -   by Sabina from Italy

Burns, Ron
Buy at AllPosters.com

How to Draw a Cat From a Photo

Drawing a cat from a reference photo is perhaps easier than by a real model since all animals move as they want and are not as cooperative as a human model.

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