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How to draw dogs

German sheperd for how to draw dogs


Learn to draw 7 types of dogs



MY (little) INPUT

Here is the structure underneath a skin dog. When you know what the bones are and their proportions, then you know also why and how to draw a dog.

how to draw a dog 1
Skeleton = fixed proportions

how to draw a dog 2
Rib cage and pelvis

how to draw a dog 3
Spinal chord (convex)

how to draw a dog 4
"Upper" spinal chord (concave)

how to draw a dog 5

how to draw a dog 6

how to draw a dog 7
Upper limbs

how to draw a dog 9
Lower limbs

how to draw a dog 10
"Hands" and "feet"

how to draw a dog 11
"Fingers" and "toes"

how to draw a dog 12


...and the external picture (from wikipedia):

how to draw a dog with the help of a view of its external parts

  1. Stop
  2. Snout (teeth, tongue)
  3. Dewlap (throat, neck skin)
  4. Shoulder
  5. Elbow
  6. Forefeet
  7. Highest Point of the Rump
  8. Leg (thigh and hip)
  9. Hock
  10. Hind feet
  11. Withers
  12. Stifle
  13. Paws
  14. Tail

dog proportion in a Italian corso dogHow to draw dogs proportions

Each species has its own.

For instance in the ideal dog the length of a whole leg is equal to the height of the its upper body.

Alternatively for an Italian Corso (here left), the proportions will vary and so on...

(picture taken for educational purposes from www.mysticvalleycanecorso.com)

Furthermore, it is also important to localte the pivot points (places of leverage, places where the movements are created).

how to draw animals and the pivot points
Pivot points



I have watched how to draw dogs movie clips on youtube where you don't learn what you expect to....

You merely see people with drawing skills at work. You don't see the subtilities of drawing...

For this reason I would not stop recommending this teacher here. Drawing with confidence is the essential first step to drawing anything.

So start from the beginning!

Log HouseSometimes I think the Internet is NOT the proper medium to learn something which require patience and time. There is a hurry to jump steps.

Perhaps the Internet is a way to get the information.

But then it's wise to disconnect completely .

(ideally one could go to a log-house in a forest, in perfect isolation, and stay there for three months...John Belushi's best performace can give you an entertaining, enriching example of what I mean )

This is a book for children, full stop. Where do you want to start from if not from the very beginning?

Remember that Picasso's quote that I write from memory:

"When I was a kid I used to draw like an adult. It struck me when I was old that I had to draw like a child!"

Then move on to something more detailed like this other kid book.

Albrect Durer engraving with knights and a dog

Christian Albrect Dürer, knight in a northern forest, engraving, 1513

Then look at more dogs than you can from real.

Also old paintings, engraving especially,

albrect durerr engraving with dog - detail

and so on...


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