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How to draw leaves

I made this tutorial on how to draw leaves with photoshop.
I made it with the mouse directly on the computer , not a pencil or a pen-tablet, so sorry for imperfections but the idea is to give you the main idea..



How can I reproduce a curl, a leaf bending?

The secret is to see a leaf transparently and not to bother about details and colors in the beginning.

When a leaf curls and bends, it's actually still the same leaf only shaped differently for this new aspect of its "being a leaf" (this is basically how cubism developed).

If the leaf would be made of glass or any transparent foil you coud see its whole body underneath the leaf. Then you would draw it as you "see" it. But because a leaf is not transparent, you will have to correct your view and "erase" in your mind the underlying lines.

how to draw leaves 1
Step 1
Starting to draw the basic shape of a leaf curling on top
how to draw leaves 2
Step 2
Drawing the boundary of the curl
how to draw leaves 3
Step 3
Shaping the body of the leaf. Imagine the lower right line continuing upwards to meet the end of the upper leaf as if the leaf were transparent
how to draw leaves 4
Step 4
I start making some decorations and decide that the light comes from the left. So darker tones are on the left hand-side
how to draw leaves 5
Step 5
Some coloring...
how to draw leaves final result
Final result
I simply colored the bottom with a darker green



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