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How to draw roses

Welcome to my webpage on how to draw roses.

Here is my tutorial on how to do it.

A general rose seen from the side has flute-shape, while there are usually 5 petals in an exagonal shape if observed from the top.

Here is an X-ray picture which can help us. It's made by Nick Veasey.

rose drawing with the help of an X-ray

You can see the flute in the centre of the flower (an upside-down heart shape) and the petals opening up.

And here is a (general) rose from the top

While there are many species which differ also greatly one from the other, the basic shape is based on a geometric one: the pentagon.

Of course nature is not 100% perfect, so this is a rough basic idea.

Here is what I mean:

hot to draw roses 1
A typical rose as it is in Nature...

...and here we start looking at the geometric patterns

hot to draw roses 2
Geometric shape1

hot to draw roses 2
Continuation. See the top left corner which is not perfectly joining in to form a perfect pentagon? That's what I meant...nature is not following 100% geometry, but it's quite similar...

Now the important part: how does the rose continues in the inside?

Well lets' keep followinf those patterns. Sometimes it's difficult to see a shape. the Second inner layer looks more like a hexagon rather than a pentagon for instance:

hot to draw roses 4
The inner two other "layers" of petals: One is more like an hexagon, isn't it? But the other inside is again a pentagon..

hot to draw roses 5
The third inner layer is again a pentagon. So is there a pattern that we missed in the second layers? Probably yes, because the way petals move around is dependent from many things (gravity, folding of petals).

Here is now our rose...A quite confusing pattern of lines! But is there any "intelligent design" underneath, so to say?

hot to draw roses 7

If we simplify the shape in order to get a general "rule" we can see that the rose actually follows this pattern:

hot to draw roses 8

See now? This makes more sense: the pentagon makes a rotation of 45 degrees at each inner layer of petals.

And that's our rule on how to draw roses...



A quick skectch from life and then I tried with some basic colouring with watercolors.

rose drawings


Art Noveau Rose

art nouveau rose

Hemikro.de, German website - pencil drawing of a rose

You don't need to know German. Simply follow the pictures!



how to draw rosesHow to draw roses, a German website...

STEP BY STEP - from todosloscomo.com

Well the rendering of the central petals is not what one would expect, but all in all this is a nice geometry exercise on a rose.

Perhaps, improve yourself the rendering of the petals.

how to draw a rose

how to draw a rose



TUTORIAL by Carol Rosinski

How to draw a rose Carol Rosinski is a professional illustrator and artist and art teacher who wrote a wonderful book, the title and sub-title of which convey very well what kind of rare teacher she is:

Drawing Made Easy: Getting Started: Discover your "inner artist" as you explore the basic theories and techniques of pencil drawing

5 stars ratings

"Don't be misled by this book's small size! Carol Rosinski is a knowledgeable, gentle authority who will take you by the hand and talk to you while you "get started" learning to draw...

Rosinski goes beyond simple demonstration to explain the reasons and feelings that make each element essential to a good drawing. She never wants you to accept what she says as true just because she says it: she wants you to experience for yourself the point she is discussing.

With such an able guide at hand, you'll have no trouble "getting started" on a drawing project! This book is a "must have."

Click here for the tutorial!



From a French Forum

hot to draw roses



Watercolor Tutorial - Roses with Bees


The definition od "drawing" is actually quite loose. Isn't it drawing with color or ink or mixed color and ink also a "drawing"? Probably the best distinction between a painting and a drawing lays in the "painterly" way of doing things:

"How do we distinguish between a watercolor drawing and watercolor painting? I think the distinction is this: where the forms in watercolor are contructed in several colours, it becomes a painting. But what term are we to distinguish a drawing constructed primarily in line? I can think of nothing better than the akward phrase "painterly drawing". This also implies the destruction of edges so that one form flows into another..."
(Anthony Bertram,in 1000 years of drawing, page 8)






Then of course, once you got the basic of the shape (inner always rotating pentagons), you should try other views of a rose like in this video clip:


TUTORIAL 2 by drawingstep.com

drawing step tutorial

Click here for this beautiful tutorial!



how to paint a rose

This is an excellent, and detailed, step by step tutorial in English by a talented artist from Germany on how draw and paint a rose.

Also in the same website, an good way to approach the very beginning step on how to look and draw a rose by Connie Nelson

TUTORIAL 4, Connie Nelson

how to draw a rose step 1, original flower
original model

how to draw a rose, blurring or ...squinting your eyes!
By squinting your eyes (blurred image), you simplify what you see

how to draw a rose, balck and white for finding the tones
Removing color, and you see the tones. You can do it in real life by using a red transparent acetate sheet. You can do that also with this Picture Perfect "3 in 1 Plus" View Finder



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Rose Drawings

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