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How to paint roses

How to paint roses tutorials: a personal selection.



how to paint a rose

This is an excellent, and detailed, step by step tutorial in English by a talented artist from Germany on how draw and paint a rose. Doris is also a mother of two who paints when she has time, mostly in the evening, but she does this regularly.

It's the most genuine and charming tutorial that I have come across. From stretching paper, to fine detailing, there is a lot of information to get started and oriented..

Among papers, brushes and colours (all listed in the tutorial), Doris uses this tools:

masquee pen
Masquepen, used very rarely for fine detailing


Aquacover, used rarely for corrections and getting back the highlights


eraser stick
Faber Castell , Perfection 7057 (picturem is not the same but an equivalent), for erasing and special highlight effects





Also in the same website, an good way to approach the very beginning step on how to look and draw a rose by Connie Nelson

TUTORIAL 2, Connie Nelson

how to draw a rose step 1, original flower
original model

how to draw a rose, blurring or ...squinting your eyes!
By squinting your eyes (blurred image), you simplify what you see

how to draw a rose, balck and white for finding the tones
Removing color, and you see the tones. You can do it in real life by using a red transparent acetate sheet. You can do that also with this Picture Perfect "3 in 1 Plus" View Finder




TUTORIAL 3 by drawingstep.com

drawing step tutorial

Another beautiful tutorial!

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