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Industrial Revolution Inventions

Industrial revolution Inventions (links open a new Wikipedia webpage)

josehp wright of derby an experiment on a bird in a air pump, 1768Joseph Wright of Derby, "an experiment on a bird in a air pump", 1768.
So, 1768...an easy date to remember...and the beginning od "Science" with a scientist which pump air out from a glass bowl with a bird inside to show that air is needed to a living creature. Fear and interest, curiosity and horror, all these feelings are portrayed in the painting.
Joseph Wright has been considered the first painter of Sciences

The agricultural world, the cotton industry and the steam engine were the first important elements of the first industrial revolution.

More advances came in the second half of the 19th century in all fields (the second industrail revolution)..



1733 Flying Shuttle by John Kay
1749 Lightning Rod by Benjamin Franklin (not actually its inventor but an important step for the Western World and its future researches on electricity)
1751 First rifle with loading in the back (Pierre G. Chaumette)
1764 Spinning jenny by James Hargreaves
1775 First Steam Engine by Watts
1775 Iron refinery by H. Cort
1775 First ever (working) steam boat, Palmipède (France)
1779 Spinning Mule by S. Crompton
1781 First "modern-style" Steam Boat
1782 Seed Drill perfectioned
1782-1784 Double Acting Steam Machine (by J.Watt)
1783 First Air Balloon (Montgolfier Brothers)
1785 Power Loom by E. Cartwright
1792 Gas Lamp by William Murdock
1800 Electric Cell by Alessandro Volta
1801 Jaquard Loom by J.M Jacquard forerunner of the modern punch crd computer
1814 First "modern-looking" Locomotive, G. Stephenson
1837 Telegraph by Henry Morse
1839 Steam Hammer, by James Nasmyths
1879 First electric light bulb by Thomas A. Edison


Tiffany's Improved Tile Making Machine
Tiffany's Improved Tile Making Machine
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Events- Explorations

1717-1768 Archeology is born, J.J.Winckelmann
1768-1779 James Cooks journeys
1799-1804 A.v.Humbolt Journeys around the Amazonas and Latin America
1819 Steam Boat SS Savannah cross the Atlantic in 25 days


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