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We live in an industrial society and in a capitalistic world. Any industrail revolution Topics to consider? Look at links on the right.

As a modern society we are the result of our most recent past mainly.

Especially the late 19th century. I see many parallels.

Analogies and difference abounds.

Certainly, we are also the product of a longer civilisation process, but I see the modern world greatly shaped by the events of the last 200 years.

Children labour is nowadays forbidden alas not disappeared completely as you know. Slavery the same..


The concept of Internal Gross Product (IGP) is a post Second World War concept; an old concept linked to the need for recontruction, growing, building up from the ruins of the bombs..Today, we begin to realize that it's not possible to have a consumer society which grows without end. We already have everything.

The Mantra of the industrial society is to sell, to compete and win. But why competing, for what, since the global resources are limited? I saw for instance a large dairy company in Germany on TV. The Director was speaking of expanding the markets, growing sales, investing to become ever larger. Why? If they win other will loose. In the end there is no sense but for his own (and stock holders') pockets...

I think we are a brink of a big change. People in 500 years will look back at us with amazement. The exploitation of men by other men.

Below is a table with some industrail revolution topics and ideas to dig...




New printed magazines due to the new technology (lithography, xerography, photography, etc..) Internet
Images printed. dubious stories Videogames, social network (dubious role)
New Advances in Technology (e.g. electricity, steam trains, steamboats) New Advances in Technology (Too many to mention)
New Advances in Sciences (Atomic theory, Chemistry, etc..) New Advances in Sciences (90% of scientists in the whole human history are still alive, reportedly)
New Sports (e.g. fly fishing) New Sports (extreme sports)
Positivism Relativism
1873 World Recession 2008 World Recession
Industrial Monopoly/Oligopoly and Larger Industries Merging Industries, global economy
War as "hygiene" (ok, this was at World War I but the mentality was present already), heroism and other "isms" such as nationalism, socialism, patriotism Terrorism
Mass production Shoppping Mall


Beginning of oil era Ending of oil era
Future seen as positive Future not seen as positive any more
Colonialism United Nations
Poverty Wealth
Child labour Unions
Objects Design



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