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Ingres Drawings

Ingres drawings are a sublime view to learn from. I have seen sketches on his trip to Rome, quite small sized, yet full of details in a simple, precise line. Wonderful!

ingres drawingView of Villa Medici, 1806, 12x20cm. (Ingres traveled to Rome and Italy when he won the prestigious Rome Price in 1797, he was 17!) His tudio in Rome was on the grounds of the Villa Medici sketched here.
To me, Rome is the most beautiful city in the world. But I would have liked to have seen it during this period: much more countryside and no cars!



ingres watercolor and pencil15 x 23cm, View of CastelGandolfo, watercolor and pencil, 1806-1820, Museum Ingres, Montauban, France

Picasso was also fascinated in a period of his time by Ingres' drawings and also took ("copied" he would say) from him but with his own style: nearly outperfoming Ingres with an even more simple line.


"Drawing is not just reproducing contours, it is not just the line; drawing is also the expression, the inner form, the composition, the modelling. See what is left after that. Drawing is seven eighths of what makes up painting."


Note: Ingres did not like Delacroix's new style of painting

His portraits drawings are also stunning. It's clear that the intention of these drawings was to use them for a painting: the faces are nearly "photographic" (when Photography had not been invented yet) while the clothes and folds were just hinted, albeit very clearly.

ingres drawing

Double Portrait of Otto Magnus von Stackelberg and Jacob Linckh
Graphite, 194 x 144 mm
Musée Jenisch, Vevey



ingres drawing

The Violinist Niccolò Paganini, 1819,Pencil, 298 x 218 mm
Ingres was a good violinist! He was a violinist in an orchestra while becoming a painter in his early years.



ingres drawingPoqueville Portrait, 1834, 30x23cm


ingres drawingLeblanc Portrait, 1823, 46x36cm


ingres drawingFamille Forestier, 23x32cm, 1806


ingres drawing

Famille Stamaty, 46x37cm, 1818

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