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I live in Switzerland where Health Insurance is compulsory and it comes as a second rent monthly now due to the aging of the population.

I lived in South Africa where there is no insurance at all if you want except for the car insurance which is nearly impossible to miss.

So insurance is, willing or not willing, something we must all deal with. Especially when dire times come.

I know, it sounds a strange place to talk about insurance on a website about art and crafts mainly. But i read a nice little book , an interview with the famous British art collector Charles Saatchi and I read that one day his store-room with all his collection burnt down. Lucky he had an insurance.

The same happened to the bamboo rod making business of Leonard in 1964...

So I set myself into undertsanding this topic, generally perceived as boring at its best. Any surprises to be found?



Search for your home, car or life insurance here above !

Leonardo da Vinci would have like to have had an insurance too

Insurance Reviews - recommended books

Insurance for Dummies book


"Storms do come up, in all shapes, sizes, and colors: fires, tornadoes, hurricanes,earthquakes, floods, premature death, disability, catastrophic healthproblems, lawsuits . . . the list goes on and on. You can’t always prevent these storms from occurring. But you can take many constructive actions before the storms occur that greatly reduce the damage they cause in your life.You’re already familiar with many of these actions, such as controlling your diet, exercising, wearing your seatbelt, driving a car with an airbag,and installing a home alarm system. And you’re at least a little familiar with the device that allows you to share the impact of any losses you have with others — insurance.Insurance. A dreaded word for most people. Its cringe factor ranks right up there with such joys as filling out your income-tax return, or balancing yourcheckbook when the bank says you’re $500 overdrawn, or shopping for yourown cemetery plot.

My beloved wife, Judy, has a favorite saying when shehas to deal with such dreaded tasks: “I’d rather eat glass!”If you’re a cringer when it comes to insurance, I wrote Insurance For Dummies for you. In this book, not only do I demystify the complexity of insurance policies,but I also point out the traps and pitfalls and tell you how you can best protect yourself from getting hurt by them. I wrote this book so that when you need help understanding any insurance topic, you can pull the book down from the shelf and quickly find what you need to know to protect yourself properly"

[From the book "Insurance for Dummies", by Jack Ungelmann,
a book I recommend

Funny Insurance Quotes


  • Fun is like life insurance; the older you get, the more it costs.

  • Love is the only kind of fire which is never covered by insurance.

  • Religion is insurance in this world against fire in the next.

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