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Knife Making Books

Of all the books that I read, the David Darom's are the ones I prefer.

I made a knife on my own by buying a DIY kit. You can make a knife from scratch including the blade as well (forging) if you have a furnace and the right place, or you can buy a rough metal bar that you have to model, sharpen and polish into a blade.

These knife making books follow mostly the first way.


Knife Making Books

This is in my opinion the best overview on the craft: Step by step photos which show the making of 10o knives from start to finish.

A good "appetizer" at a ridicoulous price to have a broad journey into the craft.

To read before buying a real, down to earth book like the following one for the our first project...

Detailed instructions.

Excellent for beginners. Excellet price.

Making a nordic (Scandinavian) knife without a furnace
Excellent for beginners and "..Provides tempering, soldering, and fitting details available in few other references"
"If I could only have one knifemaking book (believe me, I have them all...) it would be "The Wonder of Knifemaking" by Wayne Goddard.
From forging up to the final knife, perfect book for beginners.
From "Blades" the world reference magazine on knife making....
David Darom, superb! Not for knifemaking but for dreaming collectors and inspirations
David Darom, superb! Not for knifemaking but for dreaming collectors and inspirations
David Darom: a collection of collections
Written in 1977, it has poor pictures but it's a collector item: written (in cooperation with Richard Barney) by one of the legends in knifemaking: Robert Loveless




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