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When you learn to draw and paint digitally you do it for these fields:

  • The Internet (web graphics)

  • The Film industry (e.g. matte painting for special effects)

  • The Video games industry (lots of monsters - "creature artists" they call them - and fantasy, not always of the most positive kind, definetely not my favourites)

  • The Illustration of books and scientific publications (e.g. this professional illustrator where you can also downlaod a digital watercolor tutorial)

What abour digital art for itself?

Outside these fields, I don't see a lot of sense in pursuing digital art. Not just my opinion, I spoke to a top Walt Disney and industry artist who confirmed this point to me. He is also a successful Fantasy artist, but he paints with oils on canvas.

He told me that one day there was an exhibition in Los Angeles where traditional art and digital art works transferred on canvas were hanged together in the same show- room: the public hardly noticed the digital works and preferred to look at the traditional works. There is no way to compare the textures and visual appeal of an oil versus a printed digital work.


Is there a market for digital art?

No, I don't think so. Not in the traditional market.

Fine digital art should not try to reproduce traditional painting but instead it should express a unique vision of creativity produced by means of this new digital medium. Digital art is a new art and should have its new independent character. (Digital Artist Sam Nassar)

Still, who is going to buy a..."poster" and name it "art"?

The "Art Market has also to do with money". As a collector you want to have a UNIQUE piece of art, not just a work of art which can be reproduced identically...

Yes, there is market for scanners, computers, graphic software....not art for itself.

Source for the thought



Irreverent, full of humour, this is Bansky...he sells, too...see his shop


Bansky Shop, Bansky website.




Paul Jackson is a master watercolor artist, awards winner, champion of rendering light, the top of the top in the American watercolor world...

Paul Jackson watercolor art

Paul Jackson, watercolor, "House of the Holy", St. Paul Cathedral, london. A much "photographical" traditional watercolor

Paul Jackson has his other - smart - way of making (extra?) money: shoes, T-shirts, giclee prints, mugs from his watercolor works...and of course the originals! Why not?

Following are his online shops:




Note, there is no Paul jackson's etsy.com shop....








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