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Leonardo Da Vinci Drawings

Some of Leonardo da Vinci drawings show the "sfumato" technique to render realistic effects. It is in this period that Giotto's realism lessons ( and also Cavallini's, , Duccio's and Masaccio's ) are enhanced to even more spectacular levels.

Leonardo da Vinci drawing 1

Leonardo da Vinci, Study of Arms and Hands. c. 1474.
Pen and Ink with white chalk on brown paper



Leonardo da Vinci drawing
Leonardo, cartoon, national gallery (c. 1499-1500)

Leonardo da Vinci drawing

Leonardo da Vinci drawing

Leonardo da Vinci drawing

Leonardo da Vinci drawing


Leonardo da Vinci drawing

Head of a Young Woman , Accademia di Belle Arti, Venice



Leonardo da Vinci drawing, head of the Vergin

Leonardo da Vinci drawing head of the vergin
Head of the Vergin, 1508-1512, MET New York

Here follow some pictures taken from this website

Leonardo da Vinci drawing
Study of woman

Leonardo da Vinci drawing
Study of Woman

Leonardo da Vinci drawing
Vitruvian Man

Leonardo da Vinci drawing
St Anne

Leonardo da Vinci drawing
Drawing for the Battle of Anghiari

Leonardo da Vinci drawing

Peter Paul Ruben's copy of the Battle of Anghiari by Leonardo (original lost) , c. 1603 - click to enlarge

Leonardo da Vinci Drawing
The Battle of Anghiari Details - click to enlarge

Leonardo da Vinci drawing
Study of Horses with riders

Leonardo Da Vinci drawingStudy of horse and rider

Leonardo Da Vinci Drawing
Probably a sketch for the equestrian monument of the his mentor and patron Ludovico Sforza's father, Francesco Sforza, which he never made.

Leonardo da Vinci drawing

A landscape study. Landscape as a gendre was not yet established as a form of art. Landscape painting begun with the invention of color-tubes in the 19th century which allowed painters to carry colors outside their studios and paint "en plein air".

Leonardo da Vinci self portrait
Self-portrait - ca. 1512-1515




The Chiaroscuro is a technique which manipulates the shades. It was known in the ancient Greece (Apollodoro, Polignoto of Thasos).

Leonardo modified it in a "sfumato" technique which renders the passing from light to dark softer.



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