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London Contemporary Artist


Michele del Campo, the coming storm, oil on linen, 2010
The coming Storm, 2010, oil on Linen

London contemporary artist Michele Del Campo was featured in an article in the Summer 2010 issue of the British "Artists and Illustrators" magazine.

Michele del Campo in Artists and Illustrators magazine

When I visited his website, I was gladly welcomed by really "modern" paintings in the sense that all of his work speak of TODAY and has that "magnetism" which compells the viewer to explore the painting further.

So, as I said earlier , there is something in the painting which "kidnaps" you. And you want more of it...

michele del campo, "Consolation", was made inside a shoe store
Michele Del Campo, "Consolation", oil on Canvas, 2009

Take it for what it is (just my personal impression), but I had the same feeling when I first saw a David Hockney's paintings (a man in a room with a fluffy white carpet).I remember I said to myself, "This is it! Art can be figurative again and speak of NOW in the end!

London contemporary artist Michele Del Campo was born in 1976 in Foggia, Italy and now (writing in 2010) lives in London.

He had a formal training in Dundee (Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design) and Madrid (Universidad Complutense). In the article, I was also impressed by Michele's meticulous taking notes of all his materials he buys. He thus knows how long the Blue Ultramarine lasts and how much he spent.

Michele had his last exhibition in London (28 june-10 July) at the Gallery in Cork Street and can be also contacted through the Mark Jason Gallery, the latter created by a former Christies employee now specialized in promoting talented young artists.

I contacted Michele del Campo and asked him a few questions.

London Contemporary Artist Interview

What do you get inspiration from?

I get inspired by youth, social interactions, beauty, the mistery of the "close stranger". In my last paintings I also speak about loneliness, silence, melancholy and inner emptiness.

Which material do you use?

I almost entirely paint with oil

Tell us about your daily work.

I paint "alla prima" and at least for 7 hours a day, and often for 12 hours.

Painting is but just a portion, albeit the most important one, of my creative process. Many people think that the work of a painter is a constant, regular work on canvas, but in reality, - at least this happen to me - there are whole days when I don't paint at all because I am taking care of administrative things such as email messages, website management, and financial issues. Then sometimes I do other things like engraving, drawing , visiting exhibitions...I am in a continous quest for inspiration. My paintings are the results of long maturation, a period much longer than what it takes to actually make them. All in all, let's say that half of my daily time is not consumed in doing painting but in doing other things.


Thank you Michele!

You're welcome! You can contact me anytime.


michele del campo "Seaside Fiesta", 2006
Seaside siesta, 2006, oil on canvas


In 2006, Michele Del Campo painting 'La Pausa' has won the 35,000 Euros BMW Prize, the most prestigious and valuable award in Spain for a contemporary painting.

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