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Masters of Western Art

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Leonardo da Vinci, drawings

Leonardo da Vinci paintings. He made probably only about 30 but 22 are those left, which are scattered all over the world.

drawings, including the only surviving sketch of Adam (sistine Chapel)

Raphael paintings.
With Leonardo and Michelangelo Raphael is the third of the greatest Italian Renaissance triad.

Albrecht Dürer
drawings and watercolours

Rembradt Drawings

Rembrandt Etchings

Rembrandt Paintings

Ingres Drawings

Art Timeline


Masters of western art belongs to that particular period spanning for about 700 years and located in Christian Europe.

I mention Christianity because religion did play a major role up to 4-500 years ago until the "isms" starded to appear and spirituality to fade out: umanesism, illuminism, positivism, communism etc...

In case you need timelines, here they are:

Art Timeline



A courtier from Pope Benedict IX told Giotto that the Pope wanted to make use of his services and asked him for a drawing which he could send to his holiness.
At this Giotto took a sheet of paper and a brush dipped in red, closed his arm to his side, and with a twist of his hand drew such a perfect circle that it was a marvel to see. Then, with a smile, he said to the courtier: "There's your drawing."
As if he were being ridiculed, the courtier replied: "Is this the only drawing I'm to have?"
"It's more than enough," answered Giotto. "Send it along and you'll see whether it's understood or not."

From "Stories Of The Italian Artists" translated into Eglish from Vasari (1908)




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