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Medieval Stencils I made in Adobe Illustrator from original architectural carvings of the Middle Ages in Europe....

I am not an expert, but I tried to make them as precise as I could, being a beginner in Illustrator (and a casual user of Photoshop...)

Contact me if you see the need of improvements!



medieval stencils medieval clip artDownload the vector file (ZIP)of this drawing. There are variations of this design. Below is the original:

medieval stencil design

medieval clip art from a coritnhian pillar
...and the application (here the ZIP file). See the theory and practice behind the making!


Creating vector art and combining it with history, medieval history is quite addictive. taking inspiration from real architectural objects of that time, drawing the same lines people drew thousand years ago gives me a unique feeling of being aprt of the same family.

A great past-time!

I hope you will enjoy this simple creations.

...and I will add continously more drawings, vector arts I mean!


Rose Window pattern ("Rosone" in Italian, "Rosette" is already taken from French, why? Read this)


medieval stencilRosette

Download vector file here (Zip)



medieval stencils heraldry sign
Heraldry stencil number 1...
I read somewhere that the proportions should be 1/3 and 2/3 for the vertical side, going down straight from the top for 1/3 of the length, then curving for the rest 2/3... You can download the vector file here

Obviously, this immediately recognizable drawing originated from the shields used by warriors in the battle and its origin is lost in the beginning of human history.









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