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Metal Engraving Hand Tools

Welcome to my metal engraving hand tools webpage

metal engraving hand tools, bulini in Italians


engraving for a etched drawing

The picture above tells you much about this art which is today only preserved in jewelry and other few niches sch as knife making, byke decorations and a few more applications. And the engraver here is not doing any decorations on objects, but he is drawing with a chisel on a copper or other materials to then use it for prints, art prints...like famous artists in the past such as Albrecht Durer.

Today. there are two principle kind of hand equipments:

  • hammer and chisel (no power involved but the human hand; old way of doing it)
  • pneumatic assistance (electric power involved; new system adopted also by some "old school" masters...)

here I will show you both methods.

In the first place, this is Luca Braschi, a young and very talented engraver from Italy whom I met during my visit at the local knifemaking show (Espolama 2010, April 24-25)

metal engraving hand tools at Espolama 2010 with Luca Braschi 1


metal engraving hand tools at Espolama 2010 with Luca Braschi 3

He uses only hammer and chisel as you can see better here below

metal engraving hand tools

and here during my bamboo rod making moment in Sarnen, 2009 Jaroslav Vecko is giving us a demonstration.

metal hand engraving demonstration


This picture with the fishing rod butt detail is instead made by a professional from Belgium.

metal hand engraved fishing rod butt


Here follow the two most used pneumatics tools:

The Lindsay System


and ...

...the GRS graver system used by Christian de Camillis here in an demostration of the bulino technique.




There are two main forums about metal hand engraving. They friendly compete to each other because they are business competitors with their proprietary penumatic tools and gears.

One is Steve Lindsay Forum. Steve sell his own and famous Lindsay Palm Handgraver

Sam Alfano is the creator and and editor of the most frequented engraving forum: the The Engraver Cafe Forum. I met Sam in person while at the Basel annual jewelry and watch world show. A great guy and famous in the sector.

Both are great places. Lot's of tutorials, images. Great communities!



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