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Niki de st Phalle, 1930 - 2002

Niki de St Phalle's art is much liked by children. The class of my daughter was inspired by her works. At school they made little papier-maché sculptures after her teacher presented the life and works of Niki de St. Phalle

Her sculptures are scattered all over the world but perhaps the most famous creation is the "Tarot Garden" in Tuscany, Italy.


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Here are some pictures taken from the Flycr.com user by ianus, obviously on Holiday with his family. I like these pictures for the joy in them, the sunshine, the children playful mood.

nick de st phalle


niki de st.phalle

Niki se St Phalle Tarot Garden

Niki se St Phalle Tarot Garden

Niki se St Phalle Tarot Garden

Niki se St Phalle Tarot Garden

Niki se St Phalle Tarot Garden


Niki se St Phalle Tarot Garden


This is the official website of the Tarot Garden



The Missouri Botanical Garden

Niki de st phalle Missouri Botanical Garden

Fountain - At the Missouri Botanical Garden , hosting 40 works by Niki de Saint Phalle
By fotobydave
Dave Clark


Niki de St Phale Bio

While reading about her life, I kept thinking of of Audrey's Hepburn's image in"Breakfast at Tiffany" : upper middle class and a costant day-dreaming/artistic inclination not separated from physical beauty. Both helping each other..

I think Niki de St.Phale was at the right time in right place. And especially in the 50s nd 60s, while from the 70s her work and name was launched.

I like her work, yet I think that there are todays many other talented or even more talented artists who will "not make it": they are simply too many and there is too much background noise. People is used to see the "unusual" and even the shocking.

Catherine Marie-Agnès Fal de Saint Phalle was born at Neuilly-sur-Seine (Paris) on October 29 second of five. The French family of aristocratic lineage (her grand-father Pierre was comte) transferred the same year to the USA after the disintegration of their banking fortune.

She had a "rebel" youth typical of those years with schools problems, nervous breakdown and a failed marriage.

Living in Paris and travelling europe since the 1950s,she happened to know and meet the most influential painters of the period, namely Duchamp, Daly and others in the growing "modernisation" of art where everything had to be new and stunning.

Her name is associated with Jean Tinguely with whom she married in 1971.

The Gaudi influence is evident since her trip to Barcelona in 1954 and her life in Spain during those years.

On the estate of Carlo and Nicola Carracciolo she started building his largest project in 1974: the Tarot Garden, now a tourist attraction on its own.

Niki de Saint Phalle died in La Jolla, California, on May 21, 2002.

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