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Pablo Picasso Bio
(b. 25 October 1881,Malaga, Spain - d.8 April 1973 in Mougins, France)

Pablo Picasso

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Picasso periods, what is the "blue" or rose "period"?

Picasso timeline, step by step

Picasso drawings, a way to understand cubism

Picasso Quotes, a glimpse on his most important conceptions

Curiousity: what is Picasso full name?


In my personal Pablo Ruiz Picasso bio what I like are the early years in Paris up to the beginning of the first World War.

Those were perhaps the most outstanding years in recent art history. A group of friends in rather poor conditions butwith the whole life in front of them.

If I could make a movie, though, I would choose to portray those incredible years in the history of modern art with David-Henry Kahnweiler as the main carachter, though.
Because I think that by lifting the attention from those big names, it will add to the story.

Les Pains de Picasso, c.1952
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Of course Picasso is Picasso. When he was 20 he had absolutely nothing more to learn, technically. He was a superb draughtman, a super painter. He only had to invent new things...as he did at first with the Demoiselles d'Avignon in 1907 and that painting Kahnweiler happened to see in Picasso's studio. What a nice beginning fro my movie...

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon by Picasso



Endless inventions, explorations, creativity. Something that Picasso never stopped doing for all his life in a never ending quest for a newer artistic expression..

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Pablo Picasso full name...

...is....(would you ever remember it?)



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Pablo Picasso
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