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Raphael Paintings

Life-span :April 6 or March 28, 1483 – April 6, 1520

Raphael paintings


Raphael painting

Self Portrait ca. 1506, 23 years old


Raphael painting

Self-portrait (left) with a friend (right, Giovanbattista Branconio dell'Aquila), ca 1518-19, oil on canvas, 99x83cm, Louvre


Raphael Painting, probably his masterpiece, the wedding of the vergin

Wedding of the Vergin, 1504, oil on wood, 170x117 cm, Brera Academy, Milan


Saint Catherine of Alexandria. See the typical S-shape of the body. The S-shape is a common known way to depict the female body because it adds grace to the drawing. It also used in comic drawings! (move the mouse over the picture to see the s-shape!)


Raphael painting

Madonna of the Meadow, ca.1507. Oil on Wood.113 × 88 cm Also at age 23. It sounds very early but Raphael had his "painting school" finished when he was 17, as customary for the epoch.

The Madonna del Cardellino ( or Madonna of the Goldfinch) before the restauration concluded in 2008

Madonna del Cardellino
Madonna del Cardellino Art Print
Sanzio, Raffaello
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...and now

Raphael Painting

The Madonna del cardellino or Madonna of the Goldfinch

In this painting, as in most of the Madonnas of his Florentine period, Raphael arranged the three figures - Mary, Christ and the young John the Baptist - to fit into a geometrical design. Though the positions of the three bodies are natural, together they form an almost regular triangle.

The Virgin is holding a book, with identifies her as Sedes Sapientiae ("Seat of Wisdom"). The goldfinch is a symbol of Christ's future violent death. St. John offers the goldfinch to Christ in warning of his future.

raphael paintin damaged by the earthquake of the 16th centuryThe Madonna was a wedding gift from Raphael to his friend Lorenzo Nasi. On November 17, 1548 Nasi's house was destroyed by an earthquake and the painting broke into seventeen pieces. It was restored shortly afterwards, but the damage was still visible. (wiki)

Raphael painting restauration

The restauration took place at the "Opicifio delle Pietre Dure" in Florence and took 10 years.



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Picture of the restauration: esoarte

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