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30 MArch

Famous Women Painters - an opportunity to watch...

Tamara De Lempicka .Exhibition in Rome, Italy.

Tamara de Lempicka – The Queen of The Modern
11 March 2011- 10 July 2011

Complesso del Vittoriano
Address: Via di San Pietro in Carcere
Telephone: 0039 06 6780664 - 6780363
Email: museo.vittoriano1@tiscali.it

Monday to Thursday 9.30 a.m. – 7.30 p.m.
Friday to Saturday 9.30 a.m. – 11.30 p.m.
Sunday 9.30 a.m. – 8.30 p.m.

Full Price: € 12; Reduced: € 8,50
Guided tours: tel. 06/6780664


1 March

Contemporary art 2011: a new lease of life! - copyright by artprice.com

The austerity imposed by the crisis has been relegated to a distant memory. Collectors are back in the market, not just as observers but as active participants. Over the last three years, revenue from the Contemporary art sales in London has been rising: Christie's and Sotheby's evening sales generated £22.3m in February 2009, £79.5m in February 2010 and £83.2m in February 2011.

On 15 February, Sotheby’s sold 54 out of the 59 lots offered for £30.03 million. Looking only at the bottom line, the American auctioneer actually posted revenue down £14.1m versus the same sale a year earlier. However in February 2010, Sotheby's sold an exceptional private collection with 49 masterpieces from the Sammlung Lenz Schönberg collection and it sold an additional 20 works (total of 74 lots sold in 2010).

Warhol… pillar of the sales
The following day, their competitor Christie's added a further £20 million to Sotheby’s already good result, with a substantial help from a self-portrait by Andy WARHOL that fetched £9.6m vs. an estimated range of £3m - £5m. This Warhol self-portrait , Janus, with half of his face hidden in shade, tripled a record fetched by a smaller version in different colours in 2004 (roughly £3.5m on 11 May 2004 at Christie's). The version sold at Christie's is an exception work not just for its bright red but also for its excellent provenance: its was specially made for the American pavillon of the Universal exhibition of Montreal in 1967 housed in the famous geodesic sphere created by Richard Buckminster Fuller.
A central pillar of any major Contemporary art sale, Andy Warhol was represented at Sotheby's by an iconic Marylin Monroe. Her face, repeated nine times in negative in Nine Multicoloured Marilyns (Reversal Series, 137.2 x 106.7 cm) fetched £2.8m. That result was in itself a sign of the recovery, since an exactly similar work that Christie's hoped to sell for $2.8m remained unsold on 19 October 2008 at the beginning of the crisis. Between 1996 and 2000, works from the series Nine Multicolored Marilyns changed hands for between 200 and 400 thousand pounds at auctions!

The best results
The two days of sales generated some memorable results. The Sotheby's sale opened with the famous pile of 100,000 sunflowers seeds in porcelain by Weiwei AI, offered for between £80,000 and £120,000 and which fetched £290,000. During the sale, thousands of similar hand-painted grains were strewn over the floor of the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern where the Chinese artist’s work is currently on show (from 12 October 2010 to 2 May 2011).
Less known, the Swiss artist Franz GERTSCH created a whole series portraying a certain Luciano Castelli, of which LUCIANO I (acrylic, 1976) doubled its high estimate (which was already a record price). As works by this artist are rare at auction, the piece fetched £1.3m. The same day, Sotheby's got very close to a new record with Juan MUÑOZ’s Conversation Piece in bronze. This unique work had been in a private collection since 1993. It depicts a father tenderly leaning over his son and seems to have seduced the Sotheby’s audience: the bidding went all the way to £2.7m. A year earlier, not two but six man-sized bronze statues by the artist, Conversation Piece III, sold for a similar price, a record at £2.9 m ($4.3m) at Sotheby’s (12 May 2010). Worth mentioning also, Glenn BROWN’s Declining nude which fetched the artist’s second best-ever auction price at £1.1 m behind his Dali-Christ which sold for £1.25m at Christie’s on 30 June 2010.
Other successful sales: Günther UECKER’s Lichtfeld, estimated at £300,000 - £400,000 and which fetched £620,000 and Abstraktes Bild Gerhard RICHTER. Guaranteed by Sotheby’s, the latter work fetched £6.4m.

At Christie’s, the first lot – a somewhat disturbing sculpture by Dinos & Jake CHAPMAN Two Faced Cunt – fetched an excellent price. Its inclusion in the famous Sensation exhibition by Charles Saatchi is the ‘stamp’ that allowed the work to triple its estimate (£60,000). After that, the best results rewarded (apart from Warhol) Martial RAYSSE for whom a record was expected for L'année dernière à Capri (titre exotique), estimated £1m - £1.5 m. And indeed it came… the work went under the hammer at three times its estimate! An exceptional piece, the work fetched £3.6m. New records were also signed by Jenny SAVILLE (Branded, £1.3m), Miquel BARCELO (Tres equis, £1.1m) and Adriana VAREJAO whose bloody revisits of Lucio FONTANA’s slashes, Parede com Incisões a la Fontana II (Wall with Incisions a la Fontana II) sold for £950,000.

A few hours after these strong Contemporary art sales, 70% of AMCI Art Market Confidence Index) expressed a firm intention to buy works of art. The art market appears to have decided: the top-end is back on form!



25 February 2011

A posting I wrote on the Wacom Europe Bamboo Users, about photoshops versus sketchbook...

Re: Potoshop CS5 v.s. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011 Using a Wacom

Postby sandrodacomo » Fri 25. Feb 2011, 05:03

Photoshop IS the leading software for graphic digital artists (I am talking of 2D rendering). It's not me saying that, but professionals working with Disney I talked, too.

Other artists may also use PS (the CS5 has got some good improvements like the possibiliy of mixing colors, I believe; although this is not necessary really). I like this blogspothttp://idrawgirls.blogspot.com/, download Xia palette and browse through it.

I would rather add Corel Painter 11 as well especially for the digital watercolor capabilities. The only and best digital watercolor blog that I know is Joan's: http://www.joanahamilton.com.
As for comic illustration, probably Manga Studio Ex is better than Photoshop for the workflow and smooth rendering of the line work, in my opinion.
I don't think Sketchbook is considered very high in the professional arena. It's more for the occasional user.

The question is rather digital or traditional techniques? "Digital art" is used for the web, the film industry (special effects, digital matting), video games, some technical illustration to be printed on real books; comics coloring and perhaps comics drawing - many comic artists still use paper and pencil and later scan the manual drawing, while coloring is all done with Photoshop - ; I wouldn't consider photo retouching or manipulation necessarily as "art"; instead, what is perceived as "art" is done with traditional medium: oil in the first place is what "serious" art is thought of today, still, then acrylics and watercolor which has, since Turner time, a good following of enthusiasts. You hang up work of digital painters and traditional painters next to each other in an exhibition, and you will see that the public will only look at the latter only (Again, not my opinion, but the one of professionals artists and gallery owners). Oil is top of the list for collectors, followed by acyrylics probably (I assume), watercolors is a problem for it needs glass to store it, usually so it's more complicated and sculptures and installations require space which most collectors don't have (but all collectors have got walls).

If you want to become an artist, you don't need to be skilled in your drawing techniques only, today. You need to "sell" yourself. And a good way to see how is following Brainard Carey or another art tutor: http://www.yourartmentor.com/





20 November 2010

Richard McKinley! What a teacher!

I just watched his DVD and I can't but thinking about the marvel I just saw..

In front of my eyes and in my ears an Art Teacher of the highest level, in the most humble and down to heart way!

richard mckinley

Video Download: Bold Underpaintings for Lively Pastel Landscapes with Richard McKinley | NorthLightShop.com

bansky"Does anyone actually takes this kind of art seriously?"
"Never under estimate the power of a big gold frame"

funny news from bitoffunbitoffun is a great website to cheer up! (the picture belongs to it)

Some real news to change from the standard, all similar news travelling the globe.


I can watch (ahem, when I don't sleep in front of ) more than 200 channels on TV here in Switzerland, in 15 languages or more.Most of the news I can understand or sort of (in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese...) are the same....

...and so the movies and films, nearly all coming from the US...sorry, Hollywood..



11 November

The secrets of Leonardo virtual tour. In cooperation with the Italian Financial newspaper "24 ore" and the "Ambrosiana Library" in Milan, you can visit Leonardo's Codice Atlantico and other documents. Mind, the service is not free: 9 Euro for the "ticket" gives you access for up to 6 months,

17 October, Sunday

I read the following on livejournal.com.... LOS ANGELES! What a change from where I live!

Tonight - October 9 - will be an evening of beautiful art: The Night Gallery at RUIN Hollywood, presented by LADEAD: Los Angeles Darkside within the darkly elegant and alluring Monte Cristo in Los Angeles: 10:00 p.m. - 2:30 a.m.

Curated by Heidi bluegirl (bluegirl Productions) in the Parlour and K. Howell on the Patio, The Night Gallery features L.A.'s most talented artists.

DJ Xian and DJ Baron will play the very finest in darkwave, trip hop, dark indie, dark 80s, tribal, world fusion, ethereal, neoclassical, synthpop, downtempo, goth, and avant garde music.

Curated by Heidi bluegirl

Karla Usagi - Digital Art - http://usagimoon909.deviantart.com/gallery/
L.E. Dubin - Multimedia - http://www.myspace.com/dubin4gothix
Jerry Shawback - Oil - http://www.thewhole9.com/jerryshawback
Kristy Sandoval - http://www.kristysandoval.com/
Ozzie Rosales - Photography/Acrylic - http://www.ozzie15k.com/
Chance Garrick Williams - Photography - http://www.modelmayhem.com/142369
Sphinx - Photography of the Dead - www.sphinxart.com/Site/Home.html
ZNUPH - Acrylic - http://www.facebook.com/pages/InfLouisM/115612185117693
Ehriz Angel - Photography -
Crystal Hardison - Oil - http://www.hardisonart.com/

Bring a sketch pad and draw live in the Parlour! Live Art Modeling with:
La Fille - http://www.facebook.com/pages/La-Fille/131927496845641

Curated by K. Howell

Powerline - Mixed Media - http://myartspace.com/artistInfo.do?populatinglist=home&subscriberid=888c0mbezabe9n51
Kaviani - Ink and Charcoal - http://www.flickr.com/photos/nicolaskaviani/sets/72157622201340602/show/
Rita's Photography - Photography -
Monica Roache - Ink - http://www.monicaroache.com/
Wolfchild Designs - Purses, Bags, and Totes - http://www.WolfChild.etsy.com/
Jonathan Baker - Oil and Acrylic Paintings - http://www.jonathanbakerart.com/
Tabitha Heidkamp Haney - Mixed Media

RUIN Hollywood and The Night Gallery at the Monte Cristo
3100 Wilshire Blvd. (at Westmoreland)
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(just east of the Metro Redline station at Wilshire Blvd. and Vermont Ave.)


16 October


Giotto Painting, cross restaured

Picture from the Corriere della Sera

After 10 years of work the Opificio delle pietre dure finished the restauration of the famous Giotto cross. The colours are spectacular.

Here are the pictures (Corrier della Sera, sponsor of the restauration)


4 October 2010

This is Cattelan's recent and much discussed momument at the Piazza Affari in Milan (the stock market square). Cattelan is reportedly the major living Italian artist.

So now Milan will have another point of attraction next to Leonardo Da Vinci Last Supper, La Scala, the Dome, the Sforza Castle, and its famous fashion boutiques...

cattelan momument piazza affari milan

9 September 2010

Old news but new to me...Steampunk Steampunk is the art of combining today's technology with a Victorian look. Not really something for me but interesting to know. I have the same feeling when I think of the 1850s-1900s. I think that was perhaps the highest moment for Technology in History.For the Arts as well....(the moment from Impressionism, Cezanne, and up to Cubism).


Updated 7 September

I found the Sunbula brochure in Church. These are Holy Land craftsmen and artists producing lovely items.

In combination with the peace Talks taking place at the White House right now...

sunbula.org (Palestinian ONG)

designcrafts (Israel)

In a wish for reconciliation and peace for the Holy Land. But I don't have much hope. Peace and harmony are so fragile! Like sheep in a wolfs' den. You can have 100 people with good will on both sides and it's enough 1 person to destroy it all...


Updated 5 September 2010

Where are art exhibitions worldwide and what about?

the New York time page: global.nytimes.com/artsguide

in Paris, perhaps counter balancing the "chic" biennale di Venezia is taking place the Biennale de Belleville (September 10 - October 23).


Updated 1 September 2010

The largest virgin forest in Europe is a 100 sq. kilometers region in the Ucrainian Carpathian region : Schroki Luh and Uohlka.

It's the only forest I know in Europe which has remained untouched by man since it's natural creation. In the rest of Europe, all woods and forests are man-made or man-managed.At the Roman time, forests and woods were covering the majority of the surface, and population was only a fraction of that of today (e.g. in the 4th century Europe was inhabited by about 60 millions people, roughly the population of Italy today.



Updated 28 August 2010


An original story of a plastic bag


Ardesio, Italy, 24 August.
A father in Italy saved his 15 moths old child falling from the window.Working in the bakery downstairs, the father went out to smoke a cigarette and he could see from the corner of his eye his child leaning forward from the window. Yelling instantly to his son to go back, he saw him falling and had the right reaction at the right time to jump and fetch him before him hitting the ground. After a check at the hospital, the child was dismissed after a few hours and began playing with his toy-car as nothing had happend.

Messina, Italy, August 2010
A 2 years old child fell from the 4th floor and survived miracolously. He had managed to get to a chair and up to the washing machine and to the window.He just broke his leg! the doctors don't know how he survived from a 15 meters fall...

On a more serious side...

I am following this blog about the real situation of the United States of America today. A dim look on the US where society is more and more divided by the highly rich and the poor (the top 10% of the richest people holds in their hands the equivalent of 100 milions low-income salaries, etc...)

The blog is in German, by the Swiss newspaper "TAGI", from Zurich, Switzerland.

Read it here: Kilian - TAGI

Yeah, the Internet is not only in English, uh!

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