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Below is a short Rembrandt Bio and timeline.

Rembrandt parabol is one of a successful painter living in luxury for part of his life and then getting bankrupt during the last decade of his life.

Rembrandt, who was of relative modest origins, was quite frugal and could be well satisfied with just bread and cheese reportedely but because of his public success lived in a quite luscious style which led him to financial problems at the end of his life.

His private life was less fortunate with three children and his wife Saskia - the daughter of an art dealer who put him in touch with wealthy commisioners, who died prematurily .




Year Events in Rembrandt's Life Principal Work Dated Important Historical Event
1606 Born July 15th.
1608 Milton born.
1609 Truce between Spain and Holland.
1610 The Colony of Virginia established.
1612 Henry, Prince of Wales, died.
1616 Shakespeare died.
1618 Thirty Years' War began.
1620 Entered at Leyden University, and later Swanenburch's Studio. The Pilgrim Fathers landed in New England.
1622 Renewal of War with Spain.
1623 Went to Lastman's Studio. Charles went to Spain.
1624 Returned to Leyden. Manhattan founded.
1625 Charles I. came to the throne. Prince Frederick-Henry became Stathouder.
1627 First known pictures. St Paul in Prison. Expedition to Rochelle.
1628 Gerard Dou became his pupil. Capture of Samson. Assassination of Buckingham.
1629 Portrait of Himself (Gotha). Charter granted to Massachusetts.
1630 His father died. Joseph interpreting his Dreams. Puritan emigration to New England.
1631 Left Leyden for Amsterdam. Presentation in the Temple. Dryden born.
1632 Living on the Bloemgracht. The Anatomy Lesson. Gustavus Adolphus killed at Lutzen.
1633 Moved to Saint Anthonie's Breestraat (about). The Shipbuilder and his Wife. Milton's L'Allegro and Il Penseroso.
1634 Married on June 22nd. Descent from the Cross (Hermitage). The Exchange at Amsterdam built.
1635 Rombertus born. Abraham's Sacrifice. Ben Jonson died.
1636 Living in Nieuwe Doelstraat. Danae.
1637 Susannah at the Bath. Trial of Hampden.
1638 Cornelia born. Christ and Mary Magdalen. Milton's Lycidas.
1639 Moved to Jode-Breestraat. Resurrection. Massinger died.
1640 His mother died. Portrait of Elizabeth Bas. The Long Parliament met.
1641 Titus born. Portrait of Anslo. Execution of Strafford.
1642 Saskia died. The Night Watch. The Civil War began.
1643 Bathsheba. Death of Hampden.
1644 Woman taken in Adultery. The Battle of Marston Moor.
1645 Holy Family (Hermitage). Battle of Naseby.
1646 Finished two pictures for the Stathouder. Adoration of the Shepherds. Charles I. surrendered to the Scots.
1647 An estimate made of Saskia's property. Susannah and the Elders. William II. became Stathouder.
1648 Christ at Emmaus. Peace of Westphalia.
1649 Hendrickje Stoffels first heard of. No dated picture. Execution of Charles I.
1650 Deposition. John de Witt became Grand Pensioner.
1651 Noli me tangere. Battle of Worcester.
1652 Hendrickje's first daughter born. Portrait of Bruyningh. War between England and Holland.
1653 Borrowed money in large sums. Portrait called Van der Hooft. Peace restored.
1654 Birth of second daughter, Cornelia. Bathsheba (Louvre). Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector.
1655 Joseph accused by Potiphar's Wife. Cromwell pensioned Manasseh ben Israel.
1656 Declared bankrupt. Parable of Labourers in the Vineyard. War between Spain and England.
1657 Sale of his property ordered. Portrait of Catrina Hoogh. Cromwell refused title of King.
1658 Pictures, etc., sold. An Old Woman cutting her Nails. Cromwell died.
1659 Jacob wrestling with the Angel. Treaty of the Hague.
1660 Association formed by Hendrickje and Titus. Portrait of Himself (Louvre). Charles II. landed at Dover.
1661 The last known etching. The Syndics. Mazarin died.
1662 Hendrickje (probably) died. No dated picture. Charter given to Royal Society.
1663 Homer.
1664 Moved to the Lauriergracht. Lucretia. War between Holland and England
1665 Titus awarded his property. Portrait of a Man (Metrop. Mus., New York). Plague in London.
1666 Portrait of J. de Decker. Fire of London.
1667 Portrait of an Old Man. Peace between England and Holland.
1668 Titus' marriage and death. The Flagellation. Alliance between Holland, England, and Sweden.
1669 Rembrandt died. No dated picture.




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Source:Project Gutenberg TM





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