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Rembrandt drawings reveal the swift and "painterly" attitude of this master. Few lines and shapes are enough to convey the atmosphere and the scene.

There are about 1400 Rembrandt drawings attributed with certainty to him while probably the same quantity has been lost. His preferred media were red and black chalk, brush and washes and ink and pen (the pen was either of animal -a quill- or vegetable origin - a reed).

My favourite is this one of his wife Saskia sleeping. I can only feel the sweet daily glimpse of this past moment and relate to it like it was today. Such a difference with the formal portrait drawings we are used to see of rich noblemen and ladies!

Renbrandt drawing
Saskia sleeping


rembrandt drawings
Another drawing that I like is this winter lanscape , rendered again witha few strokes. What a difference with some of today photograph.like pen-and.ink drawings so perfect but lacking personality.


rembrandt drawing
This a curious Adam and Eve in Eden. The figures are so human, far from perfection, their bodies so "normal" , earthily, and, yes, old. It is not something I was expecting to see... It's a nice composition, too, with a frame in the frame (the trunk and leaves), the lines going from the trunk, the beast, then down to the apple which is "reflected" as a mirror with the second apple in the Eve's hand, the light/dark contrast used around the focus of the painting (the apple and Eve's face)...Beautiful.



rembrandt drawings, self portrait with the mouth open
Self-portrait with mouth open. 1628-1629. British Museum

renbrandt etching of his son Titus around 1660

Rembrandt etching of his son Titus. It must be around (probably before 1660, because the painting of his son as monk is of 1660 and in this etching he looks younger)



rembrandt drawing, deposition from the cross
This must be study for the painting below. I was impressed by the heaviness of Jesus' body. He 's really behaving like a real, human, ungraciously deformed dead body! Quite shockingly when we compare it with the dignity and respect Jesus was given in other paintings of the time, as far as I remember...

Rembrandt painting, deposition from the cross
Rembrandt, deposition from the cross.


A LOUVRE mini-website on Rembrandt drawings: beautiful exploration!

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