rembrandt etching Jan Six, 1647

Jan Six. (After I S. S. & D.), 1647?. 3 S. Mod. 245×191mm



h. = head
b. = bust
r.= right
l.= left
S.= signed
D.= dated
ab.= about
R.= Rembrandt
Imp.= impression
I S., V S., etc.= first state, fifth state, etc.
2 S., 7 S., etc.= two states, seven states, etc.
When no number of states is given there is but one.
Mod.= Modern impression. (This does not count as a state.)
† = of doubtful authenticity. [only.]

The sizes are of the plates , not of the etched surface.

When the states vary in size that of the first state alone is given.

The sizes are given in millimeters. 25 millimeters equal about 1 inch.



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