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Richard McKinley Webinar Content

I took note of the webinar recording and here is the transcript. Some parts are explained in the webinar by mr McKinley, within the brackets my additions.


Richard McKinley Webinar Content


The main message that Richard McKinley transmit is that of the the 3 "S" fir successfully painting:

  • Sensitivity (planning your work! Sketching from life, composition)
  • Serendipity (underpainting, experiment, have fun)
  • Solve (Response and Resolution)

In short, you must prepare and plan your art.


Why Pastel?

  • Immediacy of its application
  • Forgiving Nature
  • Ability To Work with Other Mediums
  • Good for All Painting Styles


Setting Up A Pastel Palette

  • Warm, cool and neutrals, Richard's palette

Choosing Surface

  • Technique relationship to surface
  • Types Commercially Available
  • Homemade Surfaces


Elements of Painting

  • Concept
  • Drawing
  • Compositional Integrity
  • Value
  • Color Temperature/Color Harmony
  • Edges
  • Aerial Perspective

Seeing and Observing

  • What We See
  • Abstract Shapes
  • The Importance of Value Masses

Planning A Composition with Thumbnails Sketches

  • Size
  • Keep It Simple
  • Strive for Dominance and Variation
  • The Importance of Area of Interest

Planning the Drawing on the Surface

  • consider the underpainting technique
  • pinpoint your comfort level

2. Serendipity

Why underpaint?

(Many Renaissance artists did it...; moreover, you can control things...)

Choice of Underpainting Media

  • Water
  • Mineral Spirit
  • Watercolor
  • Pastels + turps
  • Oil Pastel

Underpainting Exercises

  • Work on a white surface
  • Work on a black surface
  • Work on a mid-value warm tone
  • Work on a mid-value cool tone
  • Try a notan underpainting (that is just in pure black and pure white or in any case a simplistic black and white sketch without middle values such as ink drawing, a black marker pen, or just a cut-out paper design...You can have a look at this page which clarifies the concept.)
  • Do an underpainting with both warm and cool tones
  • Do an underpainting using the local colors associated with the subject matter
  • Do an underpainting using colors that are complementary witht he subject matter
  • Do an intuitive underpainting

3. Solutions

Simultaneous Contrast

Nothing is what it is until it has a relationship.


What is shadow for one area is highlight for another area


Applying Pastels

  • Selecting pastels
  • The marks we make
  • Hard to Soft
  • To rub or not to rub
  • Fixative between layers


Things to Check: color Harmony

  • Quality of the light
  • Color dominance
  • All colors should be represented
  • The magic of grey


Things to Check: Luminosity

  • Fragmenting
  • Halcyon effect


Final Points

  • Initial Concept
  • Center of Interest
  • Passive areas (must exist or the painting is overworked)
  • Sense of mistery


And to finish up...

I recall you his book and DVD where everything is explained and illustrated. 

Video Download: Bold Underpaintings for Lively Pastel Landscapes with Richard McKinley | NorthLightShop.com


Here is Richard McKinley's Book:

Pastel Pointers: Top 100 Secrets for Beautiful Paintings

"Use the Three S's for successful paintings! Break up your painting into three stages: sensitivity (concept), serendipity (underpainting) and solve (response and resolution) to focus your painting process for beautiful results. After a review of materials, Richard takes you step by step through the three stages as he paints a lush canal scene. Helpful charts and gorgeous finished examples are shown throughout for added instruction and inspiration."


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